Do you ever get those moment when they say something in all seriousness, you connect the dots and it just makes you laugh, even if maybe you shouldn't.

So, step one the Prime Minister assures opposition MPs that Health and Safety will be doing extra spotchecks on take away food outlets that are opening to ensure they are conforming to regulations and safeguard people's health.

Step two, someone casts some doubt on this as the Health and Safety executive said some time ago that they were discontinuing on site visits to protect their staff.

Step three, they are approached and asked if spot checks were being carried out and they confirmed they were.

"But you said you were not making site visits?" "No, we're doing them by phone."

I mean, I know it is serious really, someone will probably die at some point, but the statistics are going to look so good, "Everyone's doing everything they should, we asked them". It creased me up.

So what about it? There must be something you heard you thought, "You can't be serious, you're having a laugh."