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    I contravene the Highway Code
    and stroll down the middle of a four lane road.
    With no other soul nor a car to be seen
    it feels like a Hollywood opening scene,
    like something momentous has happened today
    -an asteroid struck but it seems I’m OK
    the scientists said that no man could survive
    yet I am uninjured – The Last Man Alive.
    Our lonesome dude
    must hunt for food,
    build a shelter, wield a knife
    beware emboldened wildlife,
    defend himself, evaluate,
    find an Eve - re-populate.

    Or maybe it’s more of an end credit scene
    and I’m an unstoppable killing machine -
    an automated, robot droid
    whose laser stare you’d best avoid
    sent to vanquish humankind
    and this is what I’ve left behind
    My mission – Man’s annihilation
    ….plus all his forms of transportation.
    Oh what will threatened humans do?
    You’ll have to wait for DeathDroid 2

    In truth
    there is sun and a temperate breeze
    and birds twitter sweetly in whispering trees.
    I’m strolling alone on a tranquil street
    to the comforting sound of my own two feet
    and not entertaining the niggling fear
    the world has now ended but I didn’t hear.

    My pace has now slowed,
    I meander in the road.

    Gone are the days
    when you’d look both ways.
    Now when I do
    I see something new -
    Neglected old buildings, historical plaques,
    obstinate undergrowth struggling through cracks
    and up in a tree where a trainer was flung
    a couple of blackbirds are feeding their young.

    Then, at last
    a taxi speeds past
    and not so far off
    I hear someone cough,
    on the building up there
    two scaffolders swear.

    Life in a lull
    is a little bit dull
    but I’m not quite alone
    in this lock down zone.
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    this gives me a cool feeling and I like how you do this poem Dylan, it is very good how you start him walking down a road and then you talk about the ending or the starting of the movies. Those are my favorite parts!

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    Nicely done. Interesting that the stanzas got shorter until the last one, whne he discovers that he's not alone. Almost has the feel of a dream or a wish. A moment in time that was paused. Thanks for sharing.
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    Dylan - In today's world, the thoughts we think about every day are not too far from the life we live every day. That's scary. Thanks for sharing. Namyh

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    I love the cinematic elements of this poem. The word choice is exquisite, and the rhythm is compelling. One of my favorite lines is: "the world has now ended but I didn’t hear." This feels well-edited and like a final product. Great job!

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    Mhmmm, very nice. I love the rugged country element in this poem; it kind of seems like you're a cowboy telling a story. (I'm hearing this poem in the voice of my Uncle from South Carolina). I feel like the ending could have been more strong, just don't know what would solidify it. . . Maybe some sort of final rhyme regarding home instead of a lock down zone?


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