What's Your Biggest Editing Challenge?

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Thread: What's Your Biggest Editing Challenge?

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    What's Your Biggest Editing Challenge?

    What's something you find you make the most mistakes with when you do your full read through? Is it tense confusion? Dialogue tags? Just plain old typos?

    For me, it's its! I constantly mix up which "its" to use in the heat of my writing flow. I know "it's" is a contraction and "its" is possessive but it's (lol) hard to remember when I'm typing away. What's your biggest editing challenge?
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    It's hard when you're typing away, but when you edit surely you can very easily tell if 'it is' is a valid substitute?

    It's always hardest to edit my own work, but I don't think that is what you are asking. The toughest part of editing my own work is deciding how much information makes a sentence and when I should start a new one.
    I can play safe and make short, choppy sentences. I can think these things are related and put them together.
    No, wait a minute.
    I can play safe and make short, choppy sentences, or I can think these things are related and put them together.
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    I do a very minimalist first draft and always add a lot of words in revision. I'll just leave myself notes to add things that I didn't want to flesh out the first time through.

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