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Thread: Is Grammarly useful?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew1959 View Post
    I ended up with a different, less expensive competitor, ProWritingAid. I find it to be useful as long as I use it as a guide. It's really good for misspelled words and shows sentences that could be improved. I also like the analysis that shows when I've used a word, or phrase too often. It also helps identify passive sentences. Overall, it's been worth the money.
    Ditto for me.

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    I also noticed that you can lose your voice if you take these programs at face value. The first time I used it, it made hash out of my writing. What I do now is follow the highlights, see what it is saying and then make my own decision. Punctuation I will follow almost all the time, spelling, most of the time. Sentence structure I will look at and make my own decisions. I quote a lot of Scripture, so I have to be very careful that I don't change that, or any other quote.

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    It's handy. But don't listen to everything it says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalGreen View Post
    It's handy. But don't listen to everything it says.
    I spent 15 years driving a semi and learned you should never listen to anything technology based 100%. More than one driver has found himself in deep, costly trouble because his GPS told him to turn and his eyes and brain never communicated that it was a bad idea. I apply that to my writing as well.

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    Grammarly is extremely useful as a spell check device. However, I would say it lacks in accuracy when it comes to small things such as commas. As with any computer-operated editor, it isn't always accurate. I use it for the first couple of drafts, because it is good at catching glaringly obvious mistakes such as if I were to type "Jane tiks its okay to say such a thing." It catches the apostrophe and the spelling error. I wouldn't necessarily depend on Grammarly for anything more than that, though. I gave the premium version a try, however, it is the same thing that I found with the free version. There are helpful hints here and there, but it doesn't catch your tone like a human can, so it won't make suggestions based off of that.

    Quote Originally Posted by watermark View Post
    I've been seeing a lot of ads on Grammarly lately. Supposedly its premium version can help you write better in addition to correcting grammar.

    Has anyone used this? Is it worth it?

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    Never rely on a software to make sure your grammar is right. Always ask English teachers. There some forums on the Internet for that purpose.

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    It helped me with papers for college . . . if that helps at all. I did install this for my browser, windows, and Microsoft word, so will see if it contributes to my creative writing. I did manage a quick edit just now with it on my science fiction piece I am planning to write. I like it, personally.

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