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Thread: Idea for modern take on self publishing...

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    Sounds like a great idea except for the part of generating enough traffic to make the project well worth it.

    Sounds like something workable.
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    Your idea is very good, but not clear in implementation. Need to have a specific plan, from which to implement those things clearly.

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    I think we should just try it, sometimes the most incredible startups shoot in an unusual way.

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    Not exactly your idea, but it made me think of Radish. It breaks novels up into what they call episodes I believe, with each one being between 700 to 2000 words (basically a chapter). As far as I can tell, they deliver, at minimum, one episode per week. It's an interesting idea and seems to be at least somewhat successful so far. You can find it at
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    On the Reddit r/story prompts - it seems (how) if you write something clever a moment after the prompt is posted - then you stay up top with 500 lols improving standard of living, self-worth & the usual benefits. If you arrive 6 hours later and post something written middling to poor in their opinion (but they are wrong)you are - irregardless - the 200th comment on the string and only dedicated weirdos will ever reach your prose, achieving four likes, barely alive with a straw on surface waters, y'know?

    I mean all good writers there, no money changes hands, well I never read them, just annoying clever writers resolving in under 500 words who are annoying & lucid, probably intelligent/fools.

    omf repetition
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