Anybody have advice on starting a Blog?

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Thread: Anybody have advice on starting a Blog?

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    Anybody have advice on starting a Blog?

    Hi Folks,
    Hope everybody is safe and healthy!

    I'm trying to build a social platform to flesh out the agent submission package for my novel.

    Does anyone have advice on starting/running a blog?

    I've watched a few videos on YouTube but want to leave no stone unturned...


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    If you want to start a blog just to do it, that's one thing but the typical unknown author blog is not considered a platform to agents or publishers. If you do decide to start a blog, I'd be sure not to present it to potential agents as if you think it is a platform.

    A platform is not something you can toss together real quick but something you'd have to already have that would pretty much guarantee they'd make thousands of sales just based on you being the author. It would be things like if you were a celebrity or top expert in a field having to do with your book, or already a NYT bestselling author. Although we'd all love to have that to go in with, very few of us do.

    For a novel, they really just want to see your work, polished and submitted according their guidelines. Nothing else is necessary or helpful. In fact, a good agent might even suggest that you take your blog down anyway because it likely wouldn't be up to their professional standards. You might want to look up the sites of some well published authors to see, although there are always exceptions (especially after they're already well known, in which case they can probably do whatever they want lol).

    Also, a decade or so ago the standard advice was to start a blog/site if you wanted to be taken seriously by publishers, for short stories anyway, but not so much anymore. I guess it's because Amazon now already has a nice-sized space where readers can see the author info. they may be interested in. Good luck.
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    The only blog I've tried was one that was a sort of variety show of things that I made and did and it was kind of awful. I learned that for any blog, know why you're creating it and be committed to writing about that thing. Content is king, if you don't have fresh ideas for new content more or less constantly your readership (which is built up with long effort if you don't have a recognizable name) will plummet instantly.

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    It may be a lot of work. I don't have experience in this though I have heard some authors rant that it doesn't help much since the effort isn't worth it. A basic blog page though seems like a decent idea that you don't need to update. I admit my advice is based on anecdotal evidence of hearing what others said. I think it's a belief thing. Some editors ask for it when reviewing work such as short stories I know. But when novels are being talked about I don't have concrete experience. The mileage varies and I don't want to give bad advice. I've seen blogs everywhere with people giving fiction advice, and advertising their books.

    However, there's a mix of qualities of what is considered a good or bad blog I'd imagine. Instead, here are some ideas previously discussed in the publishing area of the forum.

    I'd think a book fair is a decent way to make contacts. There's a page here on the forums with a thread of this.

    As for what I try. I'd try winning contests if possible. I know it is competitive, but it would add more. Also, if you ever publish in 3 magazines at a pro rate sale, they promote you automatically with sfwa membership (in a recognized magazine if sfwa).

    They advertise you there and I imagine there are other benefits associated with being a member. I know this isn't inspiring and sounds like a lot of work but that's my perspective.
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    I have never seen a blog be helpful for getting an agent.
    In fact, I often see people get so wrapped up in their blog that they neglect their writing.
    About the only thing I can see a blog being good for is typing practice.


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    Make writing your main focus.

    An agent will only be interested in your blog if it has a huge amount of followers, because it would show an already existing readership. Something that they could mention when shopping your manuscript around ("I have a client with this novel, and get this: their blog has TWO MILLION followers!").

    But if you don't have a large readership (which most new authors don't), then there's really no point in worrying about it.

    The main thing a literary agent wants is a well-written, marketable story.

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    That's as close to unanimous as I need it to be (and a huge relief).

    I was dreading doing it, and knew it was too little, too late, but thought better late than never.

    I'm bailing on the blog and getting back to polishing on the query letter and novel...

    Thanks you guys!

    Stay safe and stay healthy!


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