Hey Everybody, Hope You're All Doing Well

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Thread: Hey Everybody, Hope You're All Doing Well

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    Hey Everybody, Hope You're All Doing Well

    So, I'm kind of a refugee from other dark corners of the internet. This is a crazy time and I'm just looking for a place to be around other writers. I hope you're all doing well in these times.

    Little bit about myself:
    Never published, but a dedicated writer. Live out in the middle of a glorious sub-rural hell, surrounded by growing things, rather than people.
    I'm a horticulturist by trade and normally have a job as a Greenhouse Manager, which sounds infinitely more important than it is. I hope to get back to it.
    I'm a freak about plants...mostly edible landscaping and floriculture. Worked with a lot of Orchids, hybridizing, flasking, micropropigation, meristematic cloning and etc...

    Listen to darkwave, gothic rock, jazz, classical and some metal.

    Love a good horror movie, video games and read voraciously.

    Look forward to getting to know you all, your writing and more.


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    Welcome aboard, Sinister.

    We have a weekly Lean and Mean flash fiction contest, if you're interested. It's mostly for fun and practice but there's a small prize for the winner. Details are here.

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    Well, hello, Sinister. Why is it I feel like I'm welcoming trouble? Hopefully a good kind of trouble. You might be the first horticulturalist that I'm aware of here and some of your techniques sound science-fictiony. The idea of edible landscaping is a really good one, suburbanites have been finding new ways to do that for a while now, I guess.

    Hope to see you around the boards.


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