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Thread: Need Your Opinions on Cover Design

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    I like all three. They are good in their own way:

    A. Fun, humorous

    B. Neutral feel. Picture stands out more than text, bringing up the off-road, countryside, adventurous ambient

    C. Looking serious. Giving mysterious, tactical vibe

    Which one fits your story more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdcharles View Post
    Did you design it sigmadog? It really looks like what I know of your stuff
    Nah! Not me, but I'll take the compliment.

    Graphic Design. Illustration. Happy Dogs.
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    I like the middle one because it clearly shows me what type of racing is being discussed. I like the third cover if your book is a crime story involving off-road racing. It has a forensic feel to me.
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    A man in possession of a wooden spoon must be in want of a pot to stir.

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    B for me!
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    For me B
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    At first glance, B

    After reading the "A Father & Son's Journey", subtitle, A (the people in the SxS now become "father and son")

    C isn't even a consideration. C would only work if it were a map

    If fiction, A

    If nonfiction, use an actual photo of the father & son team with their SxS. A photo similar to B of their actual SxS with father & son visible would be best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeyboy_esq;[URL="tel:2277027"
    2277027[/URL]]Which cover design do you like best and why?
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    Middle. Title’s at the top, better photo, better composition.

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    I like the far left one but it needs to have the font color changed to orange. Your cover needs to shout your genre.
    Your cover needs to make the reader want to see more, not less.
    The middle one is too busy and the right one is definitely out. Your name is way too small on all of them.
    They all need more contrast.

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