Book sales during the pandemic?

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Thread: Book sales during the pandemic?

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    Question Book sales during the pandemic?

    Hope my fellow authors are staying safe and well during this pandemic situation. Speaking of this crazy time we are going through, I am curious how your book sales have been lately. I was kinda expecting my sales might either get a bump up (perhaps due to the fact that many people are staying home now) or decline (perhaps due to the fact that some people are suddenly lost their jobs/have less financial security). However, my (nonfiction) book sales this month have pretty much been the consistent for this time of year with no noticeable impact one way or the other. How do your sales look lately and do you write fiction or nonfiction?
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    My sales have been looking better during the pandemic, weirdly enough. Maybe people see my stuff and it give them... I don't know, reasons to think it'll provide an escape?

    That said. My book sales are usually a steady trawl, but these past few weeks have seen some good spikes. Maybe It's just my new marketing moves, but I'm sitting a little better from where I was before the pandemic.

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    After I posted this thread at the end of March, I suffered through my worst month (April) of book sales since becoming a (non-fiction) book author 3.5 years ago. Ugh! May started out just as bad, but finally took an upwards turn in mid-May (the last week or so have been much better, but still not up to par compared to the same month the last few years). Hopefully, the worst is behind me and things will return to normal soon. We'll see.

    Like KellInkston above, I've heard from other authors (mostly fiction authors) who claimed that their sales increased during the pandemic. I'm very happy for those folks. It's good to know at least some authors are doing well during this nutty time.
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    I write fiction (fantasy, zombie, LitRPG), and my sales have been dynamic. Even my less-well-received novels have been moving.
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    I've got four new books out there, with the oldest one 11 months old, but the other ones very new. Lots of reviews, tons of interviews and guest posts. Got more ink that an octopus. Alas, sales are totally dismal. I'm just limping along. What's shocking, it I have a little grand prize winners with 33 great reviews, captivating blurb, beautiful cover, priced at 99 cents and KU, and she is doing Zero right now has have been for the past month. I'm trade published, so I'm really on my publishers to knock their $2.99 to $4.99 prices down to competitive levels. I hope this picks up. I'm thinking, from my perspective anyway, that people are buying essentials and s springing for movies and games--not book. Others might be more fortunate. I do have a Amazon freebie and price coming up plus some AMS ads. So things might change.
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