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    As a follow-on to this. What are peoples' thoughts on trying to publish solely via Amazon Kindle, and bypassing trad publishers altogether. As (in my experience) it's very hard to get your ms even read, is it worth going via Amazon and working there to boost your sales? I know this route is viable because a friend did it and did get a few Kindle sales, however turning a few into a lot is the real problem..

    If you do get some good sales and reviews might publishers then sit up and take notice?
    It's not impossible, but you need to think about what "good sales and reviews" means, in this context, and you need to accept that unless sales are OUTSTANDING, the publishers will likely be interested in your subsequent work, not the work you've already published.

    That is, "My previous novel, X, sold over ten thousand copies on Amazon," will probably encourage a publisher/agent to at least take a look at your current work. But in my experience? It's WAY easier to get publisher/agent attention to your original work than it is to sell ten thousand copies on Amazon without a publisher's help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim3003
    If you do get some good sales and reviews might publishers then sit up and take notice?
    Unless your self-published work is stratospheric in terms of success (thousands upon thousands of sales), then traditional publishers won't care.

    The best way to impress them is with the quality of the work that you submit to them.

    If you have publishing credits of the traditional sort (through other traditional publications), list them. Otherwise, say nothing at all. (Or, if they specifically request publishing history, then simply be honest and say, "This is my first novella".)

    Keep in mind that the work itself is the main concern. Stuff like this (previous publishing credits) isn't nearly as important as a lot of writers seem to think. There's nothing wrong with being a "debut" author.

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