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Thread: A writer's helper: Use of Force by police in the USA

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    Oh okay thanks. If it's a fight to the death situation and the police officer is out of bullets, how would the officer kill him then, if he does use that move? I want the crook to die, so what would it take to get there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyberWar View Post
    They definitely know it - as something not to ever friggin' use. Police officers aren't supposed to kill suspects unless absolutely necessary, and whenever that happens, guns are much safer and reliable way to go about it. If the situation doesn't call for a lethal force, they have plenty of other tools like tasers, OC sprays and nightsticks to incapacitate the suspect with. In short, there's just no sane reason why a cop would opt to tackle an opponent with his bare hands and try to snap his neck when he's got plenty of other tools to kill or incapacitate the suspect without taking pointless risks to his own safety. Not to mention the risk of legal liability in case of a wrongful killing or maiming.
    While snapping necks is just silly, there is no restriction on type of lethal force. I know an officer who beat a subject to death with a rock.

    TASERS require that the subject be stationary, at least 7' and no more than 18' away, and not wearing heavy clothing.

    OC is useless in close quarters because the officer will get as much as the suspect, and it doesn't incapacitate in any case. Batons can quickly become lethal force.

    I've hit people with flashlights, handcuffs, a portable radio, and anything else that was to hand, when needed. When someone is on top of you, you do what you have to do.

    The tried and tested way remains to simply pile on officers and overwhelm a suspect, if they are not armed. If they are armed, well, there's only one safe course. The good news is that police officers are seldom alone for long.

    The big problem is when they get to body-to-body contact.

    Lawsuits are not that big of an issue anymore. When I started work in the 80s everyone was 'ooohhhh! A lawsuit!'

    But after a couple years agencies and local governments learned to contain them, and case law has moved steadily in the polices' favor. Nowadays you know you're going to get sued when you put on the badge, and that it is no big deal. No one knows for sure how many people the police kill each year; the estimate is 800-2000, depending on source, but around 1500 is an acceptable figure. There are about fifty wrongful death suits that get settled in a given year. I was the target of several civil actions over the years, and they all fizzled out.
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    One thing that needs to be remembered: the UoF Continuum is like a ladder: you can go down as well as up.

    Just because you have reached the stage where lethal force is justified does not mean you have to kill someone; events can deescalate and the need for force decline.

    The classic example is a subject advancing upon an officer with an ax; the officer draws his weapon, and the just drops the ax. Control has not yet been established, but lethal force is now off the table, at least until the situation changes again. It is not unusual for an officer to go up and down the continuum when dealing with an intoxicated subject or EDP.

    The key is that the subject dictates the force employed. The perfect examples are the Colorado theater shooter or the kid that shot up a black church. Both were heavily armed and had just committed multiple murders, but when they encountered police they were careful to take no acxtion to escalate the situation, obeying verbals commands and going into custody without resistance.
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    Oh okay, I just thought if the baton happened to be lost, how would the cop kill someone with his bare hands if fighting to death?

    As for tasers, I did some research on them where I live, and almost every officer does not carry one. There are only two tasers in the police station, which are taken out for special purposes, but other than those, the officers just carry lethal bullet firing guns, or at least that is what a cop told me where I live. But if it's different in other cities, I can have more tasers.

    I do for my story, want the perp to get killed though, so if there is there a way an officer can do that?

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