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Thread: Readers tell me that every character needs a background story but do they?

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    Oh okay thanks. I asked a couple of readers who were offended by it, what could I do to tone it down and make it less offensive, but they said no matter what you do, it will always have that rape stink attached it. They didn't really put in those words, but they meant that no amount of toning down, can fix it I think.

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    Then it sounds like they aren't your target audience.

    Ideally, you'll want to find early readers who read the synopsis of your story and think, "Yes! This kind of stuff is right up my alley!" Because that is the type of person who will be shelling out money to see your work.

    If they're not the kind of person who'll be buying your work, why would you care about their creative feedback?

    For example: if you're opening a steak restaurant, who would you rather have sample your menu: vegetarians, or actual steak lovers?

    If a vegan samples your steak and says, "I don't like this food!" . . . so what? They're not going to be one of your regular patrons, anyway.

    So, I'd say that if you're getting feedback from people who aren't in your target audience, beware—their opinions might not be relevant.

    Even worse: their opinions might not matter at all.

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    Okay thanks, that makes sense, it's just it's strange because those readers seem to like movies or books with similar subject matter in before, when I talked to them about their tastes so I thought I was doing something wrong therefore.

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