New wing{a dnd ogl book}

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    New wing{a dnd ogl book}

    I published some dungeons and dragons content... dont worry I can because 5th edition is an open game licens. I have several other things just barely hanging out in the it's almost done category. so I may be putting out over the next couple months...??? Maybe...???

    By the way, does anyone know if Kindle direct publishing have a prerelease system.. I.e. putting down on a calender an automatic release date without me having to click on the thing every month.
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    striding and swagering rootlessness with out end the precious flow of life.

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    last thing on this... I got one more book published. it is called b.b.s.2... it is out now but this would be a link to it.... ty..
    striding and swagering rootlessness with out end the precious flow of life.

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    Congratulations Kunox. I hope you write if it's therapeutic. It will help you. It can ease depression. I hope you can do that. Your way of writing is a lot of work. My way is too since I need assitive technology. But I admit you'll improve with what you can manage. If you decide to work one day you'll get closer to your goals. Our goal is self-actualization or self-fufillment.
    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
    The most difficult thing for a writer to comprehend is to experience silence, so speak up. (quoted from a member)


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