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    More people died in the tornado in Nashville today than have died from COVID19, thus far in the US (Is it a serious illness, yes, but it has thankfully proven less lethal than Influenza A and B. It is the new It Virus. Those at greatest risk are the very young, the elderly, the immuno-compromised, and those with weakened respitory systems. The same groups at highest risk for nearly all infections.)...(And influenza strains are all members of the corona virus family).

    And sadly, there are people here, (in the US) that think the virus can be spread by drinking Corona brand beer...(The company has suffered their worst earnings quarter ever.)
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    I stood and listened to 3 street preachers screaming you do believe...just don't know not once did they bring up the virus....earlier I was in Paddy's wigwam to admire the building and not one mention of it always expects the religious to jump on the bandwagon..
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    Quote Originally Posted by escorial View Post
    one always expects the religious to jump on the bandwagon..
    Interesting. What would lead to that expectation? How are you defining 'the religious'? That seems like quite a hazy lumping together of people and expecting the same thing of all of them.
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    I'm no expert but from what I've gathered, coronavirus has barely gotten started in the US yet but much more is expected/feared to come. And it supposedly spreads much easier than the flu and also has a far higher mortality rate than flu.

    However, with contradictory sources, it's hard to know what's accurate and what's not and also quite possible that we just don't have the full picture yet.

    For example, does the mortality rate mean overall or only from those ill enough to be hospitalized when perhaps most weren't? And can we trust the data we get from all of the other countries?

    Like everyone, I hope it's going to be more bark than bite and just drift away...

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    According to the CDC malaria kills up to 445,000 people worldwide each year. Nearly half the world's population is at endemic risk of exposure from the ubiquitious mosquito. Another 20,000 died from staph infections in 2017 in the US, and staph is an endemic bacteria found in the human mouth.

    Pandemics occur, history makes that abundantly clear, but the numbers of deadly COVID19 worldwide, do not reflect those of other pandemics like Spanish Flu, Small Pox, Polio, Tuberculosis, and encephalitis lethargica just from the 20th century alone. Look at the numbers of deaths from ebola and it will help put things in perspective. 3,296 cases in 2019, of those 2,196 were fatal. That is a 67 % mortality rate.

    I guess I'm of the view point that commonsense things like good hygiene, proper handwashing, and staying away from other when you are ill will go a long way toward reducing already, seemingly slender odds of contracting the virus.

    And looking into the definition of pandemic, it merely means the spread of a disease over a large geographic area (a whole county, continent, or the world). It has nothing to do with mortality rates, but given the context in which people have come to understand the word, (e.g. Spanish Flu, Bubonic Plague), death is a consequence that is inferred. And it is the inference of death that is often the trigger to ensuing panic.

    Just some thoughts.

    - D.
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    To be fair a sneeze can be only what it takes to contaminate money and can infect a person. People who pass away from corona spread it easily but it is not making sense how. It spreads more easily but not much more than influenza once did I think based on history that one 3rd of the world population had it once(more at the link) (a vaccine was invented for influenza which they even gave me and everyone has them as required for schools I assume and that is why we are safer). People can be careless such as when they have influenza, corona, or when they have a cold to wash their hands. In addition, they have to take a bath to hope they don't get infected because of a low immune system defenses. With some education a lot of disaster scenarios can be avoided with the coronavirus. Exercise will also help prevent it. The diabetic population supposedly is especially vulnerble but not without hope. International efforts and the news helps just as hospitals to prevent contamination and spreading of the sickness.

    I'd admit not sanitizing money would be a terrible way to get it. Make sure to take lots of vitamin C and lemon juice, or citrus daily. Use hand liquid soaps. Don't say hello with your hands or shake hands. Read how to sanitize money if it is a worry. Obviously no hugs, kisses (avoid contact with the hands). People who get it show no symptoms for days. It is transmitted by minute teardrops. For example after a sneeze, and also make sure to cover your mouth with your arm when you sneeze.

    How does a vaccine work? They give you a dead or nearly dead virus and your body creates antibodies for it. You are immune after that. This one mutates, but I don't know how that affects the situation such as finding a cure for it. A mutation could in some diseases create immunity to a vaccine.
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    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
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    Experience from a young age with religious people...all want you to think like them...and pay for them but never question them...what ever disaster looms they use it as a PR stunt... maybe there changing tack as I've noticed a god squad standing around offering free booklets and only engage when people ask or the door to door sales rep who offer you damnation and quote I've heard is politicians have failed so why not give religion a try...
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    That's a shame, escorial, and I can't speak for the 'religious' people who you've been in contact with, obviously. I, too, have a problem with being told what to think and how which is why I don't pay attention to television much anymore and the teachers of political correctness in general (most of whom seem to be secular but quite religious in promoting a certain way of thinking).

    Edited to get back on topic: I also don't trust the hype surrounding the corona virus fears. Not because there isn't something to worry about (Other strains of the flu that we consider pretty commonplace now used to kill in much-higher numbers) but because I have the feeling that somehow a good crisis isn't being wasted.
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    I forgive them all.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Biro View Post
    And you are most possibly correct. But even so it doesnt really hurt to just make preparations just 'in case'.
    Hence the 'not that there isn't anything to worry about' comment.

    The text of this meme might help us all...aren't memes generally helpful?

    Neil Diamond: Hands
    CDC: Yes, wash them for at least 20 seconds
    Neil Diamond: Touching hands
    CDC: No, please don’t touch hands
    Neil Diamond: Reaching out
    CDC: Avoid that too
    Neil Diamond: Touching me
    CDC: Oh hell
    Neil Diamond: TOUCHING YOU
    CDC: We’re doomed

    (CDC is acronym for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

    What comes after the NaPo storm of poetry?
    Get ready for the
    May 2021 Collaborator Challenge.

    Send your potential partner a fruit basket and start begging!

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