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Thread: Who the hell is selling my books???

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    It is bizarre trying to trace this stuff. Doesn't look like anyone is ripping me off or anything...I still get my commission checks...

    Amazon has so many tendrils...

    Speaking of that...I gotta get all my 1099s together. It's tax time.

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    I really think amazon is the wild wild wild west. From my experience their are too many vendors, how could amazon possibly vet everyone. I think this leads to a lot of weird transactions and if someone can figure out a way to make a quick buck, they will.

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    People put up books for sale that they do not own. If they get a sale, they buy it from you, and send it to their buyer.

    You make money, they make money. Usually it is outfits that have dozens+ books up for sale, including stuff on Half.com

    They count on a hefty markup and impulse buying. It costs little or nothing to post such a book, and if they have enough of them posted, all with high mark-ups, it pays off.

    You see the same thing on Ebay. I've got people posting my print books for sale when I haven't actually sold any print copies of that work.

    But hey, it's free exposure.
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