Who the hell is selling my books???

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Thread: Who the hell is selling my books???

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    Who the hell is selling my books???

    I have been looking at the Amazon Fullfillment Program recently, and how it applies to book sales (essentially you can ship boxes of books to Amazon and they will sell them for you.) So along the way I decided to look at some of my own books.

    So one of my books has 3 used and 6 'New'.
    What was most amazing was that some of the 'new' books were cheaper than I could sell them for. I started looking at the vendors and trying to figure out who these people were. Are they plagiarizing my books? Are these counterfeiters? Were they selling my books as part of my enlistment with D2D or Smashwords??? Who are these people???

    So after some research I finally determined that the used books were just people reselling old books from garage sales. But the NEW sales were mostly Amazon sub-corps. I was surprised that one of the sellers (of used copies) was some bible sales company. Shame-shame on the sinner who read MY book.

    I am still examining the re-sellers on many of my books. It gets complicated when you sign up with Draft2Digital or Smashwords becaudse they each publish you with 7 or 8 vendors who also sell your books. So sometimes you get sales notices from peoplke like Hoopla or B&T and you just say "Who the hell...? Oh yeah, they're from D2D."

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    Ralph, buddy: It's like this. I read your books. Liked them. Loved them, even. So.... I figured I could make a quick buck and..... well...... here we are. I wired you a bouquet of flowers by way of apology.

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    I wanted to check it out. So I looked my book up on Ebay. 5 copies for sale for much more money than I get from the publisher. It might be better to advertise by not advertising on Ebay. It they can sell my book for 5 times what I make on its royalties. Interesting.

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    I've heard rumors that the crazy high priced used books are for some type of money laundering. However, that may be wildly inaccurate and I don't know anything more than that.

    It could just be that a few people out there list whatever items they can get at crazy high prices and hope to get lucky now and then.

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    USED BOOKS: The Amazon Fullfillment Program has opened up some klazy avenues. You can buy a box of old books at a garage sale, catalog & tag them, ship them to an Amazon fullfillment center, and have them stored there until there is an order. Then Amazon pulls the book out of the box, packages & ships it to the buyer. All for a small handling fee (and a monthly membership fee.)

    Among the NEW books what I have found as I research many of these resellers are; book stores, wholesalers, or Amazon owned companies. The ones that showed up the most are legitimate Amazon companies.

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    What makes no sense to me, is why these USED resellers would be asking so much for a book that you can buy new for $15.99?
    I have to wonder if they ever sell anything with these prices, or is there some kind of internet thing going on here that I am not seeing?
    How could they make any money by overpricing books?
    (And if they can do it...can I?)

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    I don't completely understand it and don't have time to research it right now but if want to Google "Amazon books money laundering" you'll find a lot of articles about scams re self-published authors' books sold through Amazon. If it applies...

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