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    Dilettante to Disciplined

    Being a dabbler these past decades has been the safe course, where I could always claim that it wasn't my best effort. Negative critiques should mean nothing because my piece meant nothing.

    However, being a dilettante just means I've been happy with my lack of accomplishment.

    That's changed.

    Ironically, dabbling in NaNoWriMo this past November sparked that change. The discipline of sitting to the keyboard each day and making a story appear, was transformative.

    I know what I want to write - they're the stories I've enjoyed reading, from authors as far afield as John Buchan, Helen MacInnes, and Jennifer Crusie. Especially it was Susan Elizabeth Phillips, whose feisty yet vulnerable heroines reminded me of my wife and daughter. There should be more stories like hers.

    Perhaps my stories.

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    Welcome aboard, Dennis.

    If you're interested, we have a weekly flash fiction challenge, the Lean and Mean challenge. It's mostly for fun and motivation but it does come with a small prize. There's about a day and eight hours left on this week's prompt. Details are here.


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