strange question/hypothetical{for jrpg lovers}?

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Thread: strange question/hypothetical{for jrpg lovers}?

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    strange question/hypothetical{for jrpg lovers}?

    your have been exiled from every country on on the planet}. the powers that be decide tht you will be put on an island with a restock of regular supplies and yo will be left alone. you have a choice if five jrpgs to play for the rest of eternity until you die. you may be able to get more but it's not looking likely anytime soon. all systems will be included plus al necessities will be included. what do you pick and why.

    for everyone that doesn't like jrpgs what 5 games would you have to pass the time.
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    Skies of Arcadia, anything edition.

    Wish I tried but the price is way over my head to save for. Panzer dragoon saga.

    Grandia. A version to download was released for the switch with updated graphics.

    Zelda ocarina of time.

    Final fantasy 7 when the final version releases on a system I own (this would be the remake).
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