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    Cures for a Curse

    Hey, y'all!

    I have a bit of a plot wrinkle I'm trying to iron out. I have a heroine wearing a cursed object and I need a couple ways the curse could be broken.
    Simply taking it off feels too simple, and I don't want to go with the classic kiss-to-break-the-curse model.
    Most of what the Grimm brothers did is a touch too violent for the feel I'm going for, and I'm having trouble researching without being sent down the Wiccan rabbit hole.
    Does anybody have suggestions of where I can look or ideas of solutions?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I believe the most common solution to curses that I've come across in literature is that the same person (wizard, witch, whatever) that applied the curse would be the only one that can take it back.
    Things may become more complicated if that person is not among the living (or undead), is otherwise indisposed, or not amenable to assisting your heroine.

    There could be some special locations that "reset" any magical powers, including curses.

    She may consider "volunteering" for a different curse that is "incompatible" with the existing one and thus negates and substitutes it. I can see a wide open field for maneuvering around this idea.

    Some sort of sacrifice (up to and including human) may also be in order, leading to the heroine's internal struggles and testing of her moral compass and selflessness vs. selfishness.

    As to your thought about not simply removing the cursed item, you can explain that that's the case because if it is removed, the curse is somehow accelerated or exacerbated, so keeping it on is the safest way to go about it. This may lead to somewhat unexpected situations where, say, a well-wisher tries to remove it, but the heroine actually forcefully resists.

    Don't take any of this too seriously, that was just a quick brainstorming

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    Thanks! That sparks off an idea or two of my own, and what more can we ask for?


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