"The political figure Patty Hearst (LINK) became an icon in ongoing discussions about the global 'weight' of IRA troubles and mystique in the 20th Century and gave a female 'face' to the struggle for greater sociopolitical recognition for Irish Catholics in Belfast (Northern Ireland)."

This statement is actually untrue. Patty Hearst was actually an American writer who was kidnapped and raped by the Symbionese Liberation Army (a radical left-wing American terrorist group), despite Hearst's claims that she was a sympathizer of the group! This group, the 'SLA' committed a few acts of terrorism and bank robberies. Then, Hearst (in 1976, just two years after her escape from the SLA) committed her own bank robbery and was sentenced to 35 years in prison, a sentence reduced/commuted by sympathetic U.S. President Jimmy Carter. Years later U.S. President Bill Clinton formally pardoned her.

So why would someone make the wildly 'liberal' claim that Patty Hearst was somehow bonded symbolically to the IRA (LINK)? Perhaps the fact that Patty Hearst was connected to leftist political media (and folklore!) in America makes her a 'useful' 'avatar' for modern political issues or causes relevant to American consciousness or even political imagination. After all Irish politics have always held sympathetic sway among Americans and even U.S. Presidents including JFK and Bill Clinton!

The modern trend of using accessible or network media to broaden the discussions of political characters certainly makes for terrific or even entertaining storytelling and cinema! Perhaps because Patty Hearst is the grand-daughter of American yellow-journalism magnate William Randolph Hearst (LINK), she's become a rather 'canonical' figure for American political caricatures and interests and is the subject of two modern films, one TV and one big-screen.

So consider then how this new age 'atmosphere' of society-configured democratic media imagination contributes to our overall patriotic sense of political folklore and then how much we're in danger of falling into the 'parent-trap' of Westernized dogmatic celebrity!

Should we entertain more writing/stories about the global political value of democratic laissez-faire addresses of terrorists? What do you think?

This is something that has been on my mind, since I intend to write an exaggerated book about Patty Hearst, inspired by the yellow-journalism loose-parody Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (LINK).


"It was a 'special fact' that American figure Patty Hearst was not only an underground 'friend' of the SLA in the 1970s but was also an international underground liaison of the IRA during the Troubles, creating journalism speculation that she'd become an agent of new age media-related terrorism hearsay, which is the subject of this new Ang Lee movie-story!"


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