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    Talking Hi Everybody!

    Hello fellow writers,

    I am completely new so forgive any mistakes I make.

    I'm a novice fiction writer (I mean: really, really novice!) and I decided to join to get some help for the few problems I have. I'm currently writing a book called Catastrophe (hence the username).
    I have always loved writing and have always been writing cute little poems and short stories since I was little, but about a couple of years ago I took on the project of making a book out of ideas running through my brain. I have yet to get through the first draft, and I'm starting to get a little discouraged, so I thought I'd try getting some help here.

    I've found that I'm terrible at anything but my book. I kick myself when I reread my short stories and gag when I even look at one of my monstrous poems. Oh, and I get writer's block all the time.

    Sooooooo... I decided I wouldn't let that happen anymore, and have just officially clicked "Register". I have faith that it wasn't a mistake.

    I can't wait to get to know you all and start learning!

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    Hi Cat.

    So you feel as though your short stories are not so good and your poetry isn't the best either. For me I would say perhaps stay clear of the poetry for now and focus on stories. (personal opinion). Jump into as many short stories as you can. Look at the weekly flash fiction posts which will get you writing to a deadline and with a word count. Read as much as you can, offer critiques to others, share some of our own work so you can see what the readers think.

    I started a novel a few years back and then due to certain reasons stopped writing for a while. Returned to writing in January of this year and have just jumped into short stories to get back into the habit and bring back the touch. Don't get on your own case about writing. Make it fun. It should be fun. As amateur writers we shouldn't be thinking about getting publishing deals with a movie deal. Instead think about the joy it brings to write what you are writing. Have pride in the chapter you've finished and just aim to finish it as best as you can. Edits and changes will come if you ever feel you want to take it further...

    Have fun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by [Cat]astrophe View Post
    <snip> I have yet to get through the first draft, and I'm starting to get a little discouraged, so I thought I'd try getting some help here.<snip>
    *clears out cubby*
    *stuffs discourage in*
    *brushes hands*

    you can take it out
    and jump on it later,
    if ya' want.
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    Welcome, Cat.

    We have about a day and a half left in this week's Lean and Mean flash fiction challenge, if you're interested. It's just for fun but does come with a small prize. Details are here.

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    Hello Cat,

    IMO, noticing how "bad" one's own work is, is a sign of improvement.

    Good luck with your book!



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