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    Au Revoir Courtjester

    Au Revoir Courtjester

    Life and water.
    Into the ocean of life drops a milestone.
    The ripples reach out and as they intersect
    with other ripples from other milestones,
    create a complex weave of dancing refractions.

    In my life I have had many milestones. Writing Forums is a fertile garden for them. Of these, I wish to tell of Courtjester. While, sadly, his corporeal body is no longer here, his strength and skill and humanity remain as simple words on this screen, even though they are an eternal part of him. For us he is leaving behind his legacy of strength and determination. They are immortal and are guiding those who find them and understand their messages. He, like you and me, was and will always be, a writer.

    As he partook of the dance of life and wrote about it, made us richer. Now the wind blown leaf of his spirit and soul are resting, but I know he will soon be writing up a storm of a different kind in a new place. I salute his generous spirit and soul. See you on the other side of the veil of consciousness that separates our world from yours.

    No writer, like no artist, ever rests in peace. There is always a story to be told. Write on.

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    I remember when I first joined, Courtjester was one of the first people who friended me. I didn't know him very well, but I enjoyed reading his Madazines in particular. Hope you're doing well in the great unknown, CJ.
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    For those of you who wish to pay their respects, try a little of his work

    I recommend it.


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