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    At the time of responding, I note that the like button has been hit by BornforBurning, which seems to have a degree of irony in view of the name Dante's Inferno being one of the issues you mention.
    it's a bathory song what do you want dude
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    Quote Originally Posted by BornForBurning View Post
    it's a bathory song what do you want dude
    I wasn't aware of that but just played it, with lyrics, on youtube. Peace, man.

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    Since when is religion controversial? And to what degree is it prohibited? You gotta understand, my religion is at the very forefront of who I am. It weaves itself into everything I do. All my writing is religious. For me, there's no checking it at the door; I'd rather choke to death.

    To be quiet about what I believe would be fundamentally at odds with those beliefs. I often express those beliefs through writting. Are you telling me I got to pack up and go elsewhere?
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    So basically, weary parents are asking kids to take the game outside because of a shattered lamp, (which is reasonable), and the kids are mad they have to go outside because the lamp was broken. The game can be played just as well outside, but parents don't have to sit there waiting for another lamp to break. Kids are being trusted to self govern, but they don't seem to want deal with the responsibility their game creates in a regimented space. (Why should they have to listen? It is a free world!) They also don't want to surrender their audience because they like flaunting their skills.

    Kids are given a designated space, in which they can exercise their skills and learn to hold themselves and others accountable for their words and actions. But because it is not in the middle of the living room, the kids are convinced they are being punished.

    The forum offers a free blog service to its members, something they do not have to do...Because they are the ones offering the service, they have every right to have rules and expectations that accompany that service. They are also offering space for those who do not like those rules. A space for kids who love to play the game. This is also something they do not have to do.

    A parent steps up an says: Enough! What are the options, accept the rules and work with the parameters, throw a tantrum, or complain about it endlessly in hopes that put upon whining will take the day?

    The forum is a free (donation based) service, decisions rest in the hands of its owners (and rightly so), so just where is the entitlements clause? These folks are donating their time and energy to a forum of strangers, something they do not have to do. Don't like the rules, there are other options that might be a better fit.

    Just some thoughts...

    - D.

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    It's interesting to hear the naysayers who worry that the world won't get to see their wisdom. It's like WF is the only public forum in the world. If one really does want to espouse their political or religious views, aren't there other sites that are there just for that? I know there are a number of political forums out there in internet land and, of course, there's always Facebook. If one likes to write essays, start a Wordpress blog. Last I checked, it's still free. Or, if you like debate, join a political forum. I'm grateful PiP took a chance with the All Things Music when I could have easily done the same things on a blog or even in the Lounge. Putting the music related posts in the ATM makes it a lot easier though. I only wish more people had gotten involved.

    Anyway, limiting your vitriol, left or right, to a private board (i.e. Dante's Inferno), isn't going to be the end of the world. Those that need political stimulation will have their playground and the rest of us can concentrate on writing and, I guess for some of us, the usual silliness that is the Lounge.

    By the way, can the estate of Dante Alighieri sue over the use of the name?
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    Look folks, no one is stopping you from writing creative works (Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Lyrics, etc) that reflect your religious, political, personal world views, and posting them for critique. For all of us, our writing is a reflection of who we are and that will never change. We have creative forums for that very purpose. If you want to use them, then please do. We are not requesting that you write watered down pablum in these forums. Write from your heart and to the best of your ability. All good writing stirs emotion and reaction. But it is the writing that is critiqued in these creative forums, not the author or the ideas written.

    We are simply providing a place for 'human discussions' which would otherwise not be allowed to happen in the open forums. The name is simply tongue in cheek and a reflection of the heat that often develops in unmoderated (and even moderated) discussions between human beings.

    The space is what you make it.

    The tone is what you make it.

    1.The reason you must request a ticket is because you must actively accept responsibility for the words you use there.

    2.If it was open for the whole forum we would be inundated with people who clicked on a topic, felt immediately offended or angered by what was said there, and hit the 'report' button.

    3. We have a 'Red Light Room' which works on the same principle. You must request access there and confirm your age. The name does not mean that prostitution is offered there.

    4. If you want to use the forum, then please request a ticket. If you do not, then don't request a ticket. It is that simple.
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    I guess I'm still a newcomer in WF. Certainly I'm unaware (blissfully, I might add) of the musty caves and forlorn shores that partially comprise the evolution of this site. So you'll forgive me if what I have to say considers only the immediate situation, hence is simplistic.
    It's a WRITING site. That's what the original owners wanted. That's how they set it up. Scroll through the menu to the end, every group pertains to some aspect of writing or publishing. And often, many of us deflect away from those fixed-arena activities into bodies of thought upon which a poem or story is built, and suddenly we're talking vigorously about Descartes as the founding father of Empiricism. . .three posts. . .four posts. . .the poem, which was exploring Perception, has now disappeared utterly. With Inferno in place, the poets who want to stay with poetics, could (respectfully) ask those of philosophic bent if they'd like to take those four posts over to Inferno? One more scenario. I've spent a lot of time in Canada's north. At 2:00am I finish an article on a proposed pipeline through an Inuit traditional hunting territory. I'm incensed and want to talk about government usurping Native rights. I initiate a thread on Inferno before I go to bed.

    Goddamn! boys and girls . . .organizationally, the hodge-podge drawer in the kitchen is a prerequisite to keeping everything else neat and tidy. Blogs are too idiosyncratic and personal to serve such a holistic need. And that's all Inferno does: within WF it provides a

    that's all

    Now, the name. We seem to have forgotten the structure of Inferno. The word through usage has come, in our era, to denote hideous flame and bone-melting heat. Yes, it is all of that. . .lots of ghastly heat lots of the time. Souls in unspeakable torment . . .and we descend, layer after horrible layer , the sinners aflame getting worse and worse as we go down, down, down. And the final layer, the Hell of Hells, is encased in ICE

    So Dante and the Tradition have solved our problem. Smith's concern, with some legitimacy, that the name might strongly suggest The Inferno was ONLY for fired-up rants, might be assuaged somewhat if it was described something like this:

    Need to blow off a little steam? From the fire and passion of your favorite rant to the cold, icy logic of that Argument you've just gotta get off your chest . . .and whatever in between. . .set writing aside for awhile in THE INFERNO and just BLOW!



    "I believe in nothing but the holiness of the heart's affections and the Truth of the imagination". Keats, ​Letters

    "No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main . . . any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls -- it tolls for thee. " John Donne, Meditation XVII

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    Pip: In the original post you used the term BLOG. Did you mean threads?
    Or does WF have a blog section I didn't see?

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    Check the green menu bar on the top of the page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph Rotten View Post
    Pip: In the original post you used the term BLOG. Did you mean threads?
    Or does WF have a blog section I didn't see?
    No, I meant BLOG, Ralph. WF has a blog plugin so each member can create their own blog.

    Apologies, I wrongly assumed everyone was aware we had a blog attached to WF.

    Does everyone know what blog categories are?

    I ask because when you create a blog post it is wise to assign a category.
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