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    Quote Originally Posted by Irwin View Post
    An unmoderated political forum is just asking for trouble. It will no doubt devolve into an insult-fest.
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    Far from being more restrictive, the overall direction is to be less restrictive. Yes, certain subject matter may not be addressed in the blogs, but the areas that may be discussed in Dante's Inferno more than make up for any new blog restrictions. The other big pluses are (1) anyone who is more easily offended needn't ask for a ticket to Dante's Inferno and (2) someone writing their political/religious etc. views may now be challenged, so long as it doesn't get too personal.
    I'm at a loss to understand how a greater freedom to say one's piece can be interpreted as a lesser freedom - unless, of course, one is so well balanced that they have chips on both shoulders.

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    The 1st Amendment only guarantees freedom from the government suppressing your speech, except for certain situations where it's in the public interest not to be able to say things like "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theater, or make slanderous or libelous statements, or incite violence, and a few other things that I'm too lazy in this context to look up. There is no guarantee of free speech on a private website, private property, or from any non-government entity. It's purely up to them to determine what's allowed, as long as they don't break the law in the enforcement of those rules.

    I used to be active in political debates, but after 25 years--actually, I quit about five years ago, so after 20 years I decided that certain people weren't worth my time and energy. One side's idea of "debate" is to lie and insult the other person, and I want no part of that nature of interaction with anyone. I'd prefer not to even share the world with those people, but I have no choice in that matter.

    I don't consider myself to be a "whinger," which is a derogatory comment in itself and a term that I had never heard of until reading this thread. So, even in a thread about debate, some people can't abstain from hurling insults. Insulting people is just not my idea of a good time, but having the ability to berate someone without repercussions--an ability afforded through the anonymity of the internet--seems to provide meaning in some people's pathetic lives.

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    Phil said it best. This new option gives more freedom not only for those who wish to discuss controversial things, but also for those who don't wish to see those topics broached. This offers a way for everybody to have a voice without pushing anybody away from the site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squalid Glass View Post
    Phil said it best. This new option gives more freedom not only for those who wish to discuss controversial things, but also for those who don't wish to see those topics broached. This offers a way for everybody to have a voice without pushing anybody away from the site.
    Indeed, from some of the reactions it might seem like this change in setup was imposed with no thought or discussion. I think some would be surprised at the amount of chat that went on behind the scenes before implementing this. It wasn't done lightly, and it was implemented to increase the topic areas where someone could address the more contentious issues - only in a different place. A place where the more easily offended need not travel. Honestly, if someone tries reporting a post because it's a political rant, allegedly sexist, promotes some religious belief over another or takes a swipe at some belief, they'll get short shrift from me. Don't like such posts? Don't go there then. Of course, legality must always take precedence over any forum's rules, so you can't go around inciting violence etc.

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    * What is Freedom of Speech

    Freedom of speech is the right afforded to a person to be able to speak his or her mind without fear that the government will censor or restrict what they have to say, or will retaliate against them for expressing himself. People are often confused by this concept, however, thinking that they can say anything that pops into their heads without repercussion. Just because you are allowed to say whatever you want does not mean that you will not suffer consequences as a result – it just means that the government cannot violate your right to do so.

    The U.S. has many laws that place limits on speech and other forms of expression, which may be seen as harsh restrictions. These include prohibitions against defamation, slander, copyright violations, and trade secrets, amongst others. American philosopher Joel Feinberg posited what is known as the “offense principle,” which works to prohibit speech that is clearly offensive, or which can harm society as a whole, or a group in particular, such as racial hate speech, or hate speech aimed at someone’s religion.

    Different countries have different rules insofar as freedom of speech is concerned, with some countries’ governments becoming more involved than other governments in the affairs of their citizens. Communist countries like China are often in the news for blocking their citizens’ access to the internet, and restricting their ability to both read and express ideas and beliefs of which their government does not approve. Here in the United States, examples of freedom of speech include criticisms against the government, and the promotion of ideas or beliefs that others might find to be controversial. In the U.S., these kinds of statements are allowed, within the constraints of the “offense principle,” or the “harm principle.”

    *(This is taken from notes concerning the 1st amendment of the Constitution.)
    My statement:

    Freedom is always relative to what is just (as in justice) for the greater good. Usually determined by a set group. In a democracy it is the checks and balances of the three bodies of the state. Including the executive, legislative and the judicial. In a forum you sign on to the the existing rules set by the owners of the forum. You do not have to participate in the manner they suggest but if you don't; you have to pay their price as consequences. Which would probably be ejection or removal from the forum. It's an idiot that has to say some demeaning thing to another or to the greater number of people thinking it's their right to do so. That doesn't exist anywhere in a democratic state that has freedom of speech. You can't slander people, you can't defame people, you can't steal what others have created with language without quotes and origin of the original or footnotes. It's the "Offense Principle" that restricts the language, to prevent harm to the greater society or group or a body of members. You can always challenge the issue, but at the same time you have to realize that to partition the forum you leave yourself open to dismissal. The same holds true of the state. You can deliberately break a law of the land to seek to change it, but you suffer the consequences of what the court decides, nonetheless. It's not any different in any forum you care to join. Whoever is running the forum will decide, and not the individual that challenges the rule.

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    For more information:
    Origin of freedom of Speech
    5th or 6th Century B.C. Ancient Greece

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    Article 19 in the UDHR covers the more general "I can say what I want without inteference" sort of free speech.

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    Dante's Inferno says I have to be a member of a secret society and perform a sacred ritual in order to be granted permission to enter. I have placed a couple of candles in a circle and uttered an incantation, but it did not appear to work.

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    Did you swing the chicken head above your head in a circular motion while reciting the secret chant?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PiP View Post
    The new forum is NOT moderated. And if you take a moment to read the post re Dante's Inferno you'd realise you have more freedom not less.
    mm... It sorta kinda doesn't sound freer. It sounds like getting sent to detention or put in a restricted room. You have to get special permission to go there, right, just to read things that are no longer allowed to be seen in ... public, so I'm not sure how that's free-er.

    i noticed mention of "those more easilly offended." Sigh. Buckling is how I would describe that. The bar is lowered, so to speak. How does one get offended if one does not expose oneself by clicking on said offensive post?

    The irony of dantes inferno is not lost. Basically being cast into hell in today's thinking, I'm thinking it will be something like the Tavern. Expell and fade away. Anyway, doesn't matter. Not my site. Do as thou wilt.
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