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    We don't twist anyone's arm to come to our site. We provide a service and we try darn hard to make it a good place for everyone. We are a writing site. We are here for the writing, yet as velo said, we are offering a place for the hard discussions, as a service to our members who want it. WF is not a platform for political debate. There are hundreds if not thousands of places for that, if that is what you are looking for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plasticweld View Post
    My concern is that given the limitations you have placed on the rest of the site, you will have the equivalent of a bland meal.
    If the meal is not to your liking, sir, there are other restaurants that may better suit your palate.
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    I can smell the perfume from the handbags already
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    My thoughts: I see hanging out on a forum like being in someone else's house, though a hangout house where people know they're welcome to drop in any time. So you show up and you never know who else will be there. People mostly seem pretty nice but not always. (but if it wasn't well managed, it would be a zoo instead).

    The homeowner/host has to hear about the mess way more than anyone else and try to keep things running reasonably smoothly. Their options are to just let people duke it out amongst themselves, take one side or the other, or try in-between solutions. And however they try to handle mess, somebody won't like it.

    I have led hobby/social groups online and in person. Each time, of course there was something I wanted out of it, whether to meet certain types of people, get motivation to reach a goal by having others do it with me, or whatever. But each time, after one to four years, I felt like it was too much a thankless task and stepped down. (Now I'd rather take charge of something tightly limited in time and scope instead, or I might start something to make money but that's about it).

    So, rambling, but hopefully another perspective fwiw.
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    Freedom is always leavened by responsibility. You want a piece of me then use my inbox. You want to pick over the bones of a perennial carcase and can do so without resorting to flames you are welcome to do so. The food is just as good, the company just as fine, the knives are just as sharp, the smarts are just as challenging. Tanstaffle.
    Quote Originally Posted by Plasticweld View Post
    The trouble is that the food here used to be really good, as a matter of fact I loved it better than anything else. I have not changed. I am not new here

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    Is there a McDonalds around here?
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    Forums have been around a long time. This one has been around for almost 18 years.

    We, like all forums, change. Just as the world around us changes and the mind set of people changes.

    I can only assure all of our members that we never stop trying to make this a good place for writers to learn and hone the craft of writing. That is our whole mission.
    There is no life I know
    To compare with pure imagination.
    Living there you’ll be free
    If you truly wish to be.~ Willy Wonka

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