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    White Man's Greed

    Please note that I've only written one song. I had just finished reading Michener's,"Centennial" that had left me very upset. On a bus from Texas to NY, the enormous turmoil I was feeling just poured out of me, as you will read below. Like magic I felt 100% better. A few years later, holding my four-string tenor guitar, in 1976 I performed this live on the 4th of July at Lena's Coffee House in Saratoga Springs, NY:


    The soldiers rode their horses fast
    Toward the reservation
    The braves had gone to hunt for food
    The soldiers were ‘advanc’n’

    The tepees stood tall each eye to eye
    The Northern Star was in the sky
    All the children fast asleep
    Their mothers weary no food to eat
    The braves had gone to hunt for food
    The soldiers knew just what to do

    They aimed their cannon from the hills
    The fuses were lit – the earth she stood still
    The children they cried
    Their mothers they died
    The generals were ‘a-pranc’n’

    Now the chief’s young son
    He was just barely two
    My Lord, oh God, what could he do?
    The braves had gone to hunt for food
    The soldiers knew just what to do

    When the chief came home
    He found his young wife
    She’d been raped and stabbed
    By a soldier’s knife

    High in the sky an eagle did fly
    Looking down he asked himself why
    All they wanted was to be left alone
    To hunt and fish – to keep their tepees warm

    Their land was sacred and the air was clean
    But the white-man’s greed destroyed their dreams
    The braves had gone to hunt for food
    The soldiers knew just what to do
    "Actually, not to keep the secret of a King is perilous and a terrible risk, but to be silent about the works of God is a great loss for the soul." (Saint Sophronius)

    My books are free. Please read the first chapter (who knows, maybe more). Abandoned is a religious-historical thriller, recently published over on Hidden Content

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    Very concrete and easy to follow. Nice work. Perhaps, like some other poets, it would be interesting if you try to make it more abstract in a way that will leave room for interpretation?


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