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Thread: seeking a submission organizing method

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    seeking a submission organizing method

    I have entered a new phase in writing.

    I have so many pieces out to so many publications, that I cannot remember which piece went where.

    I only remember when I get a reply from a publication.

    If one is declined, I want to send it out quickly somewhere else.

    So far I am just making a crude list of works out and replies.

    Does anyone have a better system?

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    I don't have a system like that and I'm not near your stage of writing.......... yet.

    I think something like excel might help you. in the first column list the titles of each piece submitted then in the next column list the first publication you submit it to, the next column the second publication you submit it to and so on and so forth and then type something like an "AC" after the publication if the piece is accepted or "NA" if it's not excepted some kind of system like that.

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    Really, all you need to track is who you submitted a story/novel to so you don't resubmit to them.
    Keep a separate document for each work submitted.
    Lots of writers waste their time keeping track of the replies, but really, unless they say yes, it is immaterial.
    No reply is the same as a no.

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    I only keep a record if the story is being submitted through a platform, such as submittable. If I am just emailing it and wasn't sure I hadn't already sent it to them, I would just check the sent folder for the email address. Pretty easy to do. For the record-keeping, excel is fine. So is Word. This isn't something to spend a whole lot of time on.

    I don't keep track of the status of the submission, whether I got a rejection or reply -- why bother?

    One thing you should never do, in my opinion, is follow up regarding a submission. If they didn't respond, it's gonna be a no...and even if by some miracle they were to say "oh shoot, yeah, sorry...we love your work!" chances are they're too disorganized/unprofessional for it to be anything other than a 'bullet dodged'.

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    I don't believe there's a need to get overly fancy.

    Your email account might work - especially if you submit on-line. Create a folder with the title, and load your submission CC and any response there. The plus of this is that it's one-stop-shopping for everything, the negative is that your email subject would have to include the publisher name, and the response could get mixed around with other mail in that folder.

    My preference would be to use Excel. Create a tab with the title of your work, then create columns for: publisher, submit, response. That would be less direct than email because you'd have to enter the data manually, but it would be more straightforward and easier to peruse.

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    Food for thought.
    Thanks to all for the replies.


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