Terminally Ill instrumental and lyric crit pls(Adult some advisor)

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Thread: Terminally Ill instrumental and lyric crit pls(Adult some advisor)

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    Cool Terminally Ill instrumental and lyric crit pls(Adult some advisor)

    This is something I am currently working on. I am looking for someone who can remake the Forever M.C. Terminally Ill instrumental.
    https://youtu.be/TxuFnyjKISI <--- The song
    I think I could be much more motivated with an instrumental to continue this song.

    they never thought I'd win
    Gotta get it in
    Gotta get the pen
    Let it all out
    hang down to the shin
    shun not the same as them
    Mind frame
    always on the din
    They're not the same
    I bring flame as red as a sin
    brain is alien a reptilian
    I come landing in
    with probe
    For the thick hoes
    So get robes
    um k why?
    helps with the sliding then
    I'm the iron man
    the one to hire pin
    I spit dragon fire wind
    on the wire again fire
    spying in
    an automation king
    win 32
    finding window
    an enumerate
    when I get to handling
    Im the man
    cuz damn
    I post a message
    pushing buttons
    when they planning
    to cage me in
    with the key to freedom
    I found out where its been
    lost in the brain wash
    the right to think they just toss
    its like kids in the hall lost
    brain candy
    they're stuck in this fate
    and don't ask what it all cost
    its all cross
    while they reinvent tire
    An keep hire
    in a paradoxical pen so tiring
    where's the automation?
    I guess its slavery are kids are facing then
    freedom measured in time
    that treasure when
    you do what you love
    and stop chasing them
    politicians and what their wish
    you never pay attention
    But will in every other thing
    in failing system
    if its not prevailing missing
    the point
    like cave men fighting over a lighter
    with a plan to hammer thin
    gonna blow up in their face
    try to ask em what their saying then
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