Hello. I just needed for my brain to take a breather, and I came across this place. Wanted to say hi and see if this is where I can be the writerish type amongst other. Because my current surroundings are getting a bit tired of my flights of fancy :p

My name is Henry, and as a retired teacher, I am finally able to put real efforts into my long term project, the Embassy of Time (oh, wow, that's his forum name, that's so clever, we should totally pay attention to this one!). It started out as A book, one, single, but has now ballooned after the first draft was 300k words and still cramped. I won't publish it professionally, meaning take money or it. Instead, it's meant as something others can use for their creative work, be it recording it as audio, illustrating it, writing extended stories in its world, etc., free of charge and fairly free of demands. Open source, kinda. The story is about people from poor(er) areas getting involved in a time travel rebellion, while trying to figure out what the heck is even going on. I thought Harry Potter had it too easy and thought, hey, I can change that!

And I'm trying to be online-social, which is a challenge for me! The ton of social media, the constant struggle for attention... I just want to write, but hey, nobody said it had to be all fun and games

See you on the boards!