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Thread: Hi all

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    Hi all

    Hello everyone,

    My name is NoFuchsGiven and I am based in Scotland.

    I have been writing on and off (mainly off) for the last 7 years. I write sci-fi, crime and the occasional fantasy-ish.

    My favourite book is Let The Right One In - John Ajvide Lindqvist (also happens to be my favourite author). Also a huge Harry Potter fan.

    I'm looking to read and offer critiques, bounce ideas around as well as sharing my own work and having critiques.

    So send me a message and I'll see you around the forum.



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    Hi NFG and welcome to WF. We are a friendly community so hope you will stick around and get involved. Have you published any of your work?
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    I haven't yet published anything, it has been more of a hobby. I had been a member of a similar forum in the past and met a few people online with similar styles. Then life got in the way so I've been away for a while. Now I have an idea I'd like to run with, I've also seen an open call for submissions for an anthology... so I have a goal!

    I was hoping to meet some people and get back into reading, offering critiques, sharing ideas and just getting some words down.

    Thanks for the welcome.


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    At least you have a goal! Once you become a full member (after you've made ten posts), you will also have access to the workshops which are not visible to search engines and new members. You might find the WS useful if you want to polish a short story before submission.
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    I think you are right about the goal.

    Previously, when I was writing, it was doing it just for the joy of it and most of my ideas fizzled out after so many thousands of words (which to be honest, was fine by me)... Then when I met a few people we kind of formed a "writing group" and would try to send a chapter to each other every so often (I think it was every 2 weeks) offering critiques to each other etc. which then sort of helped me get more words down as I was working to a "deadline." The only problem with this was that I didn't feel it was to a standard I would have liked.

    Now, when I was searching for amateur writing groups/forums online and after checking out the forum I had used previously, I found the open call. The brief was something I felt quite confident with... I had an idea a while back and with a few adaptions it would fit the brief nicely. The deadline is February 29th, am I able to share the link somewhere?


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    Thanks for sharing the call for submission, NFG. I wish more members would use that board to alert other members.
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    No problem PiP.

    When I had been searching for groups/forums online I came across another site which had quite a few competitions however they all had entry fees, which of course isn't the end of the world as there were prizes for winners. The problem is, I can't vouch for the website (as I haven't ever used it, don't know anybody that does) so I don't know whether or not I feel comfortable sharing it in the call for submission sub (if anybody were to end up being scammed, it would be my fault).

    What do you think? Should I share them?

    Thanks again


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    Greetings. I write a lot of crime fiction myself as well.

    See you in the forums!

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    Hi C.Lee.

    Thanks for the response. Have you published anything? Are you working on anything at the moment?

    Hope to see you around


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