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    All new to me...

    Hello everybody,

    You can all call me A. I have always wanted to have my writing critiqued or at least read by others which is why I thought it would be good to join a forum.

    I love historical books, and classics such as Oliver Twist, Moby Dick, and others. I am also a BIG fan of Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes (I have read every Shakespeare novel *Arthur Conan Doyle* and many of Shakespeares writings.) I am also big into music, which might come through in some of my writing. I tend to write with extreme emotion so prepare yourself. I dont really know what else to say so... happy reading everyone!

    I am really looking forward to getting some good feedback from all of you.


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    Hi A. Welcome aboard.

    If you're interested, we have a weekly flash fiction contest going on, with a small prize for the winner. This week's prompt is "the kitchen," and it ends late Sunday night. Details are here.

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    Hi A and welcome to our creative community. I see Ma'am has already advised your of our weekly prize flash fiction challenge and I note from from your intro you are big into music which is great because we have an All Things Music area which is organised by Mustard. Please make yourself at home and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
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    Welcome, A! Nice to have you here. I hope you can find this site to be a good resource for ideas and advice, and I will certainly do my best in that regard. Your reading is impressive. I wish I had the time to do a bit more myself.
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    Welcome A! I'm primarily a poet, but I write fiction as well--two novels on the go. Have a look at the flash fiction contest, browse through the other fiction sites, and please post some of your own work as soon as you're comfortable. You'll find that 99% of the writers in our various groups who choose to comment on your work simply want to HELP, and of course we look forward to your mind at play on ours. Deal with the rare moments of 1% as you see fit. If necessary, we'll help out (we do so in a distant back room of WF, so members of the forum are not disturbed by the screams)


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    Welcome A. Are you reading any modern stuff?


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