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Thread: Would this villain have to use drugs for this crime? (sexual violence warning)

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    Okay thanks, but I did read it through now, so am I missing something? I thought you were asking what the name of the crime is. Is sexual assault still the wrong name for the crime in my story? It's just I already said the crime was sexual assault based on what I've read, so is that not correct, and am I suppose to say a certain answer, that I am not seeing?

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    In the England & Wales, there is an offence of rape which, as you would expect, involves penetration by penis into any of the three largest orifices. Then there is "assault by penetration". This involves using a penetrative object in any of the said orifices, so it's technically possible for a woman to rape a man in that sense, but it would be referred to as assault by penetration because an object would be needed. . The rest is sexual assault. I don't have data but I understand that assault by penetration is punished like rape, and sexual assault is punished on a case-by-case basis due to the wide range of possibilities and circumstances.

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    Oh okay thanks. It seems my scenario is sexual assault then. But how would the police go about treating it then, if it was one of their own officers?

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    If you engage the writer enough you can make the unbeleivable believable! What if she was able to hypnotise him? That would reduce the chances of forensics finding any evidence!

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    Oh you mean hypnotise him not to talk at all?

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    So I read through this whole thread and the one question I keep coming to is: Why is it necessary to hang your hat on this just being some kind of sexual crime?

    What I mean is, your story hinges upon this woman traumatizing a man -- and getting away with it. Getting away with it feels like the relevant point here, not what was done. So unless you're just wanting sex to be an aspect of it for the titillating / taboo angle, then your character could do literally *anything* to the man, as long as she fulfills the key component of not leaving enough physical evidence to tie her to it.

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    Oh I guess I just thought that it being a sexual assault would be an interesting theme to explore. It was the initial premise when coming up with the idea.

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    My WIP (4th novel in a series of 5) is post apocalypse SciFi - people escaped Earth (earlier novel) and now, 22 generations later, their space ships are falling apart and the population demographic has changed such that males only make up 20% of the population. Street gangs rule the ships and male babies are sold my their mothers, and raised as slaves that are rented out to women that either want a baby or for a bit of fun. MC is an escaped slave.

    I do NOT do erotica or anything explicit. This book barely has any foul language in it (vernacular has changed anyway). This aspect of MC's past is his drive to change society. He also has to deal with a lot of discrimination. The story is at its root, about redemption.

    IMO, characters need something to push them off neutral to drive the story forward. It's the old dog sitting on a nail story.
    In case you've not heard it:
    Dog sitting on a nail, howling in pain while two people watch.
    Person1: Why is the dog howling?
    Person2: He's sitting on a nail.
    Person1: Why doesn't he just stand up and walk away?
    Person2: I guess it doesn't hurt that bad.
    So the assault you speak of can be the nail that drives your character to act a certain way or take on a challenge. I wouldn't focus unduly on it though as it is only the impetus of change.

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    Oh okay, yes this assault is what gives the character his drive for the story. But I am just struggling as to how the villain is going to get away with it, cause if she doesn't, then the story is over too soon of course.

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    Cover up by her friends / associates? A male complaining of sexual assault by female is often dismissed in our society.

    She could have drugged him - he would have only partial memories, only the effects (if any) would remain. Again, his accusations might be dismissed.

    I have a friend that married an ex-stripper, and she used to talk about "ladies night" at the club. Male strippers are brought in. She said the women were far more out of control than the men ever were - and said the women "pretty much" raped the men. Is your MMC a stripper?

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