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    Idle hands...

    So, in the few spare moments of my life I live vicariously on ebay, and I am annoyed by the appalling SPaG. I find the temptation to ping off a corrected version of the page blurb is becoming stronger.

    Is this wise I ask myself.

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    any other parts of your body idle...
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    Hey! The only bit working is my ego.

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    might be vodka...
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    You young rascal.

    I am Scrooge. I was visited by three spirits this Christmas.... Whiskey, gin and vodka.

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    you an exorcist...when you leave a house there's no spirits left
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    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    It turns out the green stuff was Swarfega. Cleanliness is next to Godliness...


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