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    The latest on the cat.

    Okay, so if you saw my thread in the All Things Music, you are probably aware that my cat is going through a bit of a hard time. She's doing better for the moment at least, but it's been one heck of a roller coaster ride and it isn't over yet.

    So, it started last week, right after Christmas really when I noticed that neither of our cats were doing much in the litter box. They both seemed to be acting normal and we figured maybe they just had the flu or what not.

    Then, by the middle of last week, it was obvious that neither cat was eating a lot, and the smaller of the two especially was becoming more lethargic. The other cat, meanwhile, became alienated from my step-father for whatever reason and started hanging with me. My step-father is taking it personally- with a cat of all things.

    The cat that usually sleeps with me began to sleep in other places for much longer than usual. Finally, last Saturday, I found her in a crouched position hovering over the water as if she wanted to drink it but she physically wasn't able to. Of course, I freaked, and had my nephew chase her all over the house in an attempt to take her to the emergency vet. We gave up when it seemed if she was able enough to run, then maybe she's okay. Sunday, though, we tried it again, and again, failed, leaving my nephew really pissed at me and me still feeling helpless.

    Well, my step-father, weird as he is, proved to be the hero in the story so far. He has a granddaughter who is a vet tech at another veterinary clinic and he gave her a call. She set up an appointment Monday. We got her over there and all they found initially was some unknown infection- at first. They wanted more tests. Wednesday, I got a call from my niece who told me that the vets said it was either a hairball or cancer. Now why can't you tell a difference between a hairball and cancer, I can't tell you. Later that night, she called back to tell me they were pretty sure it was cancer and she had to stay overnight, thus my upsetting note in the All Music.

    So, we got another call yesterday with some different news. Now they're saying that it's either cancer or an abscess in the lung that is causing the infection. At least it's giving us hope that we didn't have on Wednesday. They have her on antibiotics for the infection and a steroid for the abscess (we hope). She's now home and, last night, was running all over the place like a two year old. She still craves affection even after I had to force feed her meds this morning (I'll have to do that twice a day for a week and once a day for the rest of the month).

    So, fingers crossed we just had a real scare but I guess we'll know more in a couple months. Meanwhile, we have to put the other cat on a diet- no more treats for her.
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    Hope, cheers, and pawsitive vibes from the potato gallery.

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    Fingers crossed for hopefully good news, then! Yay!
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    My cat Scarlet wishes yours all the best. She herself needs saline treatments every three days to deal with kidney failure, but she's doing good with them Click image for larger version. 

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