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    Glasshouse, You seem very worried about describing settings. I did a little thing about a man hunting a flightless bird in the desert. An Australian who posted here said he was amazed someone could produce so vivid an image who had never been there. When I looked I had said very little that was definite. I said things like 'Here the desert consisted of small, flat stones' without saying how big 'here' was, or the stones, or what colour, or anything like that. However, he had a perfect picture, and what I said did not interfere with it because I didn't say much.

    That is one point, letting people make their own pictures. "It was a homely room." it means something different to everyone; but everyone knows what it means.

    Another point is keeping your explicit descriptions for the important bits. It is one of the ways readers tell how significant something is, and they are going to feel let down if it turns out to be nothing, so 'vague' description for the background and vivid for the people, where and when the action is.

    lumino, excuse me, going a bit off topic there. Something I do when there is something I have difficulty with is to write about it. I try to explain whatever it is in simple words. More often that not I have found that in the end I am using the thing to describe itself. Worth a try.
    Well some people find my descriptions and narration are out of sequence logically. My dialogue however is grammatically correct always. I think I lack detail, since I don't use pictures to describe or a pre-writing strategy. I'll see how I do with the description and narration rhetoric books which arrived today. I need to read these, and maybe then I will improve.
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    I would follow as in believe in the words of good moral leaders. Rather than the beliefs of oneself.
    The most difficult thing for a writer to comprehend is to experience silence, so speak up. (quoted from a member)

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