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    Two Approaches to Teaching Writing

    I have read several books on style, each taking one of two approaches to teaching writing. Some provide rules for writing clearly, assuring readers that if they follow the rules, their prose will be clear. Others teach various parts of speech, encouraging readers to practice sentence building with this knowledge, and telling them that it is the way they choose to use grammar that creates their writing styles. Of these two groups of books, which one is correct?

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    Being inexperienced, I don't see a whole lot of difference between these two. If you write too "clearly", you'll be boring, and you can only bend the rules of grammar so far, if at all. What am I missing?

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    As a college English instructor, I would say the one on parts of speech is probably more mechanically deep nuts-and-bolts material and thus ultimately more helpful, but as with learning a language, you learn writing best by exposure to more and more of it. Thus, nothing helps like reading novels or articles anytime one can get one's hands on them. I really didn't develop a clear writing style and voice until I read seven of the original Ian Fleming Bond novels. I credit them with helping me style my two completed novels and allowing my second one to be as successful as it has been.
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    I am not sure that this is really an 'either or' question. Both approaches have some utility, but I don't think either, or both together, say it all.
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