Might be slowing down temporarily.

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Thread: Might be slowing down temporarily.

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    Might be slowing down temporarily.

    I may have mentioned embarking on three major projects starting this year and, in fact, I'm outlining my planned Reviewing the Monkees thread.

    But real life things have developed and, if the worst case scenario develops, I may not be around as much as I would like. I won't disappear though and I will continue to post some reviews and other music related tidbits from time to time. I'll probably know more about the immediate future later today.

    In case people are wondering, I'm fine, but a dearly beloved pet may not be, again I'll know more in a few hours. Anyway, in case I'm not here as much as usual, know that I'm fine and maybe some others can take up the slack. I don't have to be the only one posting reviews and such you know. Maybe write an essay about your favorite band or genre. I was going to try to do a music and the movies thread until I realized I knew squat about music soundtracks Anyway, don't let the All Music Forum die if I don't happen to be around. This isn't an indulgence just for Musty or Trollheart (if he returns), it's for all of us.
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    Godspeed, Mr. Mustard. I hope your pet is fine, either way, and I hope you and your heart are okay, as well. Again, very best of luck and good fortune to you, my friend.
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    Hope for the best, Stan. Pets are family.
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    Well, the news is official. My cat has cancer. She also has some sort of infection and isn't eating so they're keeping her at the vet for a few days to see if they can get her to eat and hope to get rid of the infection. They're not going to operate and there are no present plans for chemo. If she survives the infection, the cancer is something she'll just have to live with, maybe for years with a little luck. For now though, we have to see if she can overcome the immediate issue as euthanasia is a possibility at the moment. Fingers crossed it won't come to that.
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    So sorry to hear about your kitty, Musty. I hope she is able to rally. We said goodbye to my CatCat in June, not because she was sick, but because her systems were just shutting down due to extreme old age. (20 year run...but it still hurts.)

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    Same kind of thing going on here. We're doing painkiller injections at home to keep elderly kitty comfortable. Best wishes with it, Mr. Mustard.

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    Sorry to hear about your cat. I lost one to cancer last April, but it advanced quickly so it was easier to make that final decision.

    Might I suggest closely monitoring her progress at the vet's so that you can get her home as quickly as possible? Cats, more than most pets, do not do well when removed from their home environment. Many years ago, I was raising a litter of kittens. Two of them developed panleukopenia (distemper). I brought them to the vet where they were given antibiotics and fluids. Immediately afterwards, I had to work a long shift, so I wasn't able to visit them for twenty four hours. I was told they hadn't eaten a bite in that time, which is very bad for a cat but fatal for kittens.

    Upon visiting them, they both leapt up and rushed toward me. After a few kisses and head scratches, they turned toward their food and started eating ravenously. Never underestimate the power of love, comfort and familiarity in regard to overcoming serious physical ailments.

    This was on the fourth of July. Because of the holiday, the clinic closed early and they were left alone to die. I'm positive they would have had a better chance of surviving had I been able to bring them home with me, but since their hospitalization was at the discretion of the rescue group I was volunteering for, I didn't have the authority to take them home.

    ^Reason #467 why I hate holidays.

    As for this sub forum, I am dying to start some threads and ramble on about a lot of things, but my time is limited and further compromised by OCD, so for the time being, I feel obligated to use any writing time I have for my current project. I'm working hard on changing that..


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