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    There's Nothing Like a Good Book

    I think we all know a good book when we come across one. I started writing back in the mid 70s but I wouldn't call myself a real prolific writer. I think in total I have 4 books under my belt but can only lay my hands on three of them. That first one, called, Bone Crushers, was a small illustrated book about early bicycles and was an actual description used to describe early bikes back in the day. Sadly, the entire manuscript went up in smoke with all the original and beautiful illustrations. Yes, sad, but this was my first adventure into the art of writing. Anyhow, of course there is a lot more I have to say but this will have to be my little introduction. I have always tried to make it interesting and my books are free. Well, long long ago I did have visions of Bone Crushers making me a fortune. So much for that plan.

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    Completely agree! Are you working on a new book now? Maybe time to re-write Bone Crushers and make that fortune
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    It's a good thing we now have digital copies that we can email to ourselves, as I often do. I am currently working on a third installment of my Bob Kelton series (only part two has been published), and if I lost my material like that, I'd be devastated.
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    The problem is that what made that book so great was all the original bicycle art I was able to gather from the owner of the Lyrical Ballad Book Store in Saratoga Springs, NY. He dealt is rare books and magazines and gave me all this incredible old-timey art. Just amazing stuff. Plus all the original bike pictures and articles. Like a bike rigged up with snow skis. So very hard to go back in time. I will be introducing one of my books here before long. My favorite. Thanks

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    Yeah, it was certainly a bummer. But we move on. Thank you.


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