After crunching the numbers, it appears last year was a MIXED BAG for my author business. While I didn't accomplish all of my goals, I'm grateful that I reached some (e.g., gave at least 20 public speeches & grew my email list by at least 50%). If anyone is curious, here are my top 5 observations about last year's book sales:

1) After increasing prices of my 3 nonfiction books last year, my annual # of sales (981 books) dropped 13% from the prior year (1,125 books), while my annual gross revenues ($) increased by this same percentage over the prior year.

2) After giving more workshops (21) last year, my total # of sales from these events increased slightly and made up 8% of my annual # of sales (compared to 6% the prior year when I gave 17 speeches).
3) While my Amazon ads still made up a significant % of my total # of sales, they dropped to 33% of my annual # of sales in 2019 (compared to 39% the prior year).
4) After participating in Kindle Unlimited for 6 months (and giving away 1,600+ eBooks via KU Free Promotion), my annual # of eBook sales dropped significantly over the prior year when I didn't use KU at all. Of course, some of the lost profits from this reduction in eBook sales were offset by the (small) amount of KU royalties I rec'd for page reads, but I'm not yet convinced the trade-off was worth it for my nonfiction books.
5) Total # of sales increased for 2 of my books this year, while my other one (the oldest) decreased significantly compared to the prior year.

Hope this info helps some of my fellow authors. How were your book sales in 2019?

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