And there were more than ten :D

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Thread: And there were more than ten :D

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    And there were more than ten :D

    Well, since it's now the second of January, I thought it might be fun to see what other songs you liked that weren't in your top ten, call them the honorable mentions if you will. Of course if you didn't participate in our WF Top 100 survey, you're still welcome to list your own personal top tens, fives, twentys, whatever. There are no rules here, you can name everything from one band or artist if you want since this is just for fun.

    Anyway, these are some of the songs that just missed my personal top ten, or at least I considered for it...

    Bob Dylan- Subterranean Homesick Blues
    Rolling Stones- Gimme Shelter
    The Kinks- Sunny Afternoon
    The Who- Boris the Spider
    Elvis Costello- Accidents Will Happen
    Patti Smith- Dancing Barefoot
    Stevie Wonder- Living For the City
    Dale Hawkins- Suzie Q
    Tasmin Archer- Sleeping Satelitte
    Buffalo Springfield- Expecting To Fly.

    I have plenty more I'm sure, but these were the first ten to come to mind.

    So come on, I want to see your lists, top ten, 11-20, or whatever you have.
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    It was hard to choose which Bathory song. Woman of Dark Desires, Necromancy and Born for Burning (namesake lol) are all up there for me. Choosing between Bergtrollets Hevn and I am the Black Wizards was really a tossup. And in retrospect, I would have liked to include some Sabaton. Ghost Division, Carolus Rex, To Hell and Back (Audie Murphy). Band is very special to me. They've opened with Ghost Division every time I've seen them, and ever since 2015 they've finished with To Hell and Back on their American tours. Very powerful experience when they are playing live, transcendental.
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