Look who's strutting around in silken pink robes...

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Thread: Look who's strutting around in silken pink robes...

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    Look who's strutting around in silken pink robes...

    Ladies and Germs,

    At long last our esteemed and venerable moderator Phil Istine has donned the pink robes and, frankly, they show off his hips quite well. Phil's even temper, well thought out responses, and dry wit are probably well known to us all so I'm sure this comes as no surprise.

    Please join me in welcoming Phil to the rank of Global Moderator!
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    Wooo hooo!!! Awesome! (and yes, look at those hips!)
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    To compare with pure imagination.
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    Excellent choice. Congrats, Phil!

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    have you read his MFI file...
    The only one who can heal you is you.

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    I don't understand all this colored-robes stuff.
    Is there a color code?
    Do mentors have to wear robes?

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    It’s gonna be an awesome New Year with you in pink, dearest Phil! Thank you, Senior staff for this wonderful gift. See you out back in the fitting room, Phil, pink is proud and grateful to have you. You’ve certainly earned your place. Yay!

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    It's more a practical thing, because it enables me to move posts between boards. Not sure about the pink robes though when I live so close to Brighton.

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    Congrats Phil... I never thought pink was your color, maybe a shade of purple
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    About time, Phil. Wear those robes wisely.
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