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    First of all congratulations on publishing your first book.

    I wouldn't be overly worried about the sudden end of your book, you can't please all the people all the time, so yes some people will be annoyed and may be vocal about it but if most people enjoyed 95% of your book and would like to find out what happens next then I think you are onto a winner.

    Best of look with your published book and the sequel.

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    Thanks Dan I am also in Ireland and my book is about same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bayview View Post
    I don't know... would the few paragraphs be tantalizing enough? Your call, I guess!
    They will have to be. But its great to have others like yourself to bounce ideas off and for a bit of advice. So thanks again Bayview.

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    Unless this book sells well (makes at least a couple grand) I wouldn't worry about a sequel.
    Keep in mind that sequels suffer from half-life.
    Only about half of the people who buy the first book will buy the second, and only about half of those will buy the third book, and so on...
    So unless the book makes some cash, it may not be worth it to get in a tizzy about a sequel.

    Also, sequels can be a lot harder than you may think. Personally, I found sequels to be increasingly harder with each new book. I have heard other writers say this also. Dunno why, maybe because the more concrete you make your fictional world, the harder it is to manipulate...? I have no idea how Rowling did 7 books. 4 drove me to drinking.*

    *Though, in truth that is my default state.

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    When I was initially writing this book a few years back, that was my problem as well Ralph.

    I agree about selling the first book and that is the main reason why I have not done the sequel even though it is in draft. It is pointless spending all that time on something if it is not going to earn a penny.

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    Yep. No point in writing a book no one will read.
    But if it does well, then hell yes write a sequel.
    People are addicted to binge-watching and binge-reading.
    Once we get into a story, we don't want it to end.

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