I order you to...

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Thread: I order you to...

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    I order you to...

    Sometimes there are things I have to do that I just don't wanna do. At those times, I always think of how nice it would be to make someone else do it instead.

    Therefore, this thread is to demand that someone else do that thing.

    It is a very important thread. Also, it might work. You never know.
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    I order you to git over here and clean the cat box. This very instant!

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    I order you to instill within me an urgent, uncompromising desire to forgo all of the petty nonsense I feel a need to attend to (like going to work and showering) and just write. Just sit down and write all day until there's no circulation in my lower legs.

    Also, what's with your cat? I found a turd in the shape of Donald Trump.

    I've impeached it.

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    Today is actually the day I plan to wash out the cat box. Waiting for the little buggers to use it because they always seem to need go while it's drying.

    I order you to follow my cats around and cup your hands under their little butts until the box has dried.

    yes you may use gloves.

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    Hey you! Get rid of the cat box and install a cat flap in the back door. Then you can chop lemons into tiny bits and spread them all over the lawn to stop the little *** (cat) from going there.

    When you have finished that clear up the garage and repair my car!
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    I order you to clean this bedroom. It is the room for the day for cleaning!

    After that, move my arms and legs to exercise me while I relax.

    Also, bring me some soup.

    Thank you.

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    You! Yeah, you there...just keep that coffee coming.
    Anytime the coffee in my cup gets past halfway or drops below the temperature I like just fix it! You hear me?
    Get it done! You have one job!

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    Stand in the corner of my bedroom and make ocean noises until I fall asleep.

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