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Thread: The New "Literary Maneuvers" Coffee Shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matchu View Post
    Thanks Dad @xXx (xxxx).

    I'm indulging a spot of the self-indulgence. It's not very pretty, and I am very ashamed. Really, and really this time, and I have done it before, the best thing to do, like you do-did, is to read all of the stories, review every author sincerely with a couple of paragraphs. Writers really like that. I'll do that next time for free (obviously, we'll negotiate back corridors, my usual 5.000 Filipino dollars.)


    good luck.
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    Hey Matchu, allow me to throw some personal perspective into this conversation. We had three judges this month. Three. With zero commentary on the qualities or judging skills of any of them, that's an incredibly small number and, in the grand scheme of things, rather meaningless. Some of the most successful authors of all time still have those to dislike their writing. People continue to give negative reviews to wildly successful authors like King and Rowling even as they laugh all the way to bank. Critically revered writers have those that continue to blast their writing even as their works are dissected in university English lectures as examples of brilliance. You're never going to please all, or maybe even most, people with your writing.

    When I first started writing for the LM I took some critiques very hard, I still recall some specifically that were, in my view, pretty harsh. But I learned pretty quickly that the monthly LM is really about honing the craft and not succeeding. I did win once, but I think I learned the least from that month. It's bloody tough to write a full story in 650 words and it's the lowest rated stories that I have found the most useful. Even then I caught myself writing specifically for the LM, writing in ways I thought would score well and those were some of my least-liked submissions. It wasn't until I starting writing what/how I wanted to that I really was able to get the most out of the LM.

    I anticipated that the format of the piece I submitted this month would not sit well with some or all of the judges and I didn't care. I had a scene in my head and I got as much of on paper as I could. Even though it was pretty short, that was the best approximation of my vision I could get in 650 words. I knew I wasn't going to win but I am far more satisfied with it than I am with other pieces that placed well in the past.

    I think it's important to remember that the LM is a very, very small pond you are swimming in and it's stocked with only one kind of fish- your fellow writers. Not only are we pretty harsh critics but we approach things differently than readers do and I think this tends to skew our responses here. The age old questions is, who are you writing for and what do you want to get out of it? I say, damn the torpedoes and write what you want. Take the critiques with a grain of salt and pick what you want to use out of them and reject the rest. In the end, the results of the LM have very little to do with your value as a writer.
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    I haven't said anything awful have I? Nnng.

    I really, really, really appreciate the freedom to write with abandon, and to submit for the joy of the pursuit in the LM competition. This gives me a great deal of pleasure. I am thick-skinned, [wise] confident-enough with my massive, my tiny oeuvre, and Mummy loves my writing.

    Thing is - I should have been reading the other writes then, and now - and promoting the talents, and building the confidence of those fellow writers. This month I failed everybody only thinking of myself, my impending fame, my reputation. Even my weasel-tendencies propelled me to wallow in own soup for one to three posts. Considerable crimes, I understand. I am sorry, and under treatment for narcissist-pen disorder presently, or shall be when the doctor visits [fictitious].
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    Matchu and Sycamore

    Negative constructive criticism can sting, hurt, and wound but you should never let it defeat you. It's meant to help, not hinder your progress. Also as Velo so aptly stated prose and poetry are very subjective. Being the judge who gave both of you low scores involved my tastes, my biases, what I look for in a story. Believe me I've had many bad reviews of my work, I get pissed for a minute, then I look at what didn't work and try to correct it or at least learn from it.

    You both are good writers, you need to be patient, not rush your work, hone your skills, and find your own voice and not be swayed by those who want you to speak in their voice. The fact that your entered a writing competition and had the courage to show your work, be judged, is a victory in itself. Many aspiring writers never get that far.

    I look forward to reading more of your works to watch your growth as writers. We always have room for growth, I'm a testament to that because I keep screwing up as well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by -xXx- View Post
    permission to use this in my sig block?
    I'd be honored!

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    Any further volunteers to judge? It's just me and the voices in my head so far ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harper J. Cole View Post
    Any further volunteers to judge? It's just me and the voices in my head so far ...
    I'll judge, Harper. You simply can't be the only one.
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    I'll judge! I haven't done it in awhile, and I need to get my critic brain warmed up again.
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    November's contest is now closed! My gratitude to our 10 entrants ...

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    In the final month of 2020 (thank heavens!) I thought I would try something different. I have felt for a long time that a good story has, at its foundation, an EVENT. That event, or moment, provides the opportunity to create, develop and capture an audience. So, along with asking for traditional prompts this month, I am also asking you to think of a moment in time around which a story can be created.

    Here's some of my suggestions:

    *A child wanders away from her mother in a store.
    *An alien is teleported into the Whitehouse.
    *A man forgets to lock the front door of his shop.

    You can still submit the standard prompt if you prefer;
    this was just an idea I had that I thought would be fun.

    And Judges -
    need judges for December -
    come on, jump in, you know you wanna!
    When the night has come
    And the land is dark
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