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Thread: The New "Literary Maneuvers" Coffee Shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by velo View Post
    We hosts have yet to reach a consensus on this and it's been proposed we put the question to LM membership. There has been a request from two members to write a collaborative piece together. I'm not sure this has been done before and we'd like to get the community's thoughts.

    Should collaborative pieces be a part of the monthly LM?
    If so, should those pieces be eligible for winning?

    Please let us know your thoughts.
    Nope. You can have a separate challenge one month but the LM is about indiviual talent which is carried forward to the annual Prize Challenge. Sorry. Think about it ... you have two sets of eyes on the SPAG etc. so how could that be considered fair?
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    I see nothing wrong with collaboration on a story. It might even be harder getting the story put together. Haven’t Niven and Pournell written several stories together. I also think, as long as it wouldn’t identify a piece, we should know when a story is a colobernative work.
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    PiP, I'm not going to argue with the decision. Obviously, that's made.

    However, whether the LM is 'about individual talent'...wellll, maybe. I've always considered it to be about making the best story possible that satisfies the prompt and comes in under the word count. What you say may have happened with adding the Prize Challenge, I don't know. People certainly get crankier and less possible to please when money is on the line.

    I'll give you that, yes, you have two sets of also have two sets of ideas, opinions, and thoughts that all have to be communicated, agreed upon, written, and zipped together into that tiny, tight little packet of flash fiction so that it makes sense. All of that has to happen by a deadline.

    I do like the idea of doing some sort of challenge for this. Collaboration is part of the writing world:

    Preston & Child
    Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer
    Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
    Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

    I still find it an intriguing thought and wonder what sort of stories we'd get.

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    We can have a separate fun challenge for collaboration that's not a problem.

    ETA: the LM is our flagship challenge.

    We used to have a great monthly poetry challenge (poets in progress) We had a winning formula until people decided to tamper with it. In the end people got so confused it died a death. If something ain't broken don't try and fix it ... or please don't try and reinvent the wheel.
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    Thanks, PiP. I hadn't thought all the way out to the annual GFC. This makes perfect sense and I wasn't fully comfortable with the idea to begin with.
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    One of our judges for May hasn't been here for a couple of weeks; I've decided to judge in her place. This may cause a small delay in getting the results up, depending on how fast I go (I've done two of twelve so far).

    If the judge does return and send me her scores in time, they'll still be counted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by velo View Post
    Thanks, PiP. I hadn't thought all the way out to the annual GFC. This makes perfect sense and I wasn't fully comfortable with the idea to begin with.
    Try it as a one off maybe, like the anon challenges and other variations?

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    anonymous entries should be the norm.

    If you want a 'fun' challenge that is fine, but it will not be part of the LM. I've seen too many challenges fall by the wayside over the years because they were 'tinkered' with. Anyone remember the Non Fiction LM?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PiP View Post
    anonymous entries should be the norm.
    Agreed. Eliminating any possible bias/favoritism is a good idea. It's more work for the host though.

    I've been using the LM's as a learning tool and from that perspective, it wouldn't teach me very much if I could get another writer to fix my SPAG or any other errors.

    The entries should be the product of individual, original work--warts and all.
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    I argue in favor of individual stories. The benefit of LM is weighing individual talent; a story written by a duo just strikes me as gunning for the award. Though a separate contest that randomly placed entrants together for collaborative writing would be interesting. I wouldn't participate--I'm pretty damn selfish when it comes to who touches my yarns, ie: nobody's touching them but me--but it would be an interesting read and I wouldn't mind judging those.


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