Good magazines to publish short stories for a first time writer

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Thread: Good magazines to publish short stories for a first time writer

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    Good magazines to publish short stories for a first time writer

    Hey guys,
    I'm trying to publish some short stories and I've never really published anything before. What are some good magazines for first-time writers that I could send my submissions to?

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    Most physical magazines won't take newbies due to publication overheads. Anthologies are better but more competitive.

    A good place to start is probably a e-zine (web based) like Every Day Fiction. It's short pieces, the pay is very token, but it has a decent following and it's a good place to start for general, middle-road stuff.

    This forum also has Flashes Of Brilliance. There's also a section on here for open calls.

    I utilize genre-specific websites for my subs but not sure what genre, if any, you are writing in.

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    As far as submissions, there are none that you should or shouldn't submit to just based on if you are a first time writer or not. Many of them even state that they love discovering new writers. However, the quality of the writing matters to them quite a bit so you'd want to get your submissions as polished as possible before submitting them.

    If you haven't already, I'd be sure to get some other eyes on them before sending them out, to give them the best chance. It's amazing what errors or places for improvement other people will spot that the author missed. Also, it's good practice to get used to criticism semi-privately and when you still have a chance to change it, rather than have your first exposure to it be in public and when you can't do anything about it.

    All that said, a couple of online places to find publications are ($5 US per month) or The Submission Grinder (free). Where to send your stories depends on many things: their genre; length; if you prefer print or electronic publications; the pay and acceptance rates and prestige of the publications you're shooting for, etc. So it's not really a question that can be well answered in very general terms. Good luck.
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    I have recently started to send submissions of short stories to online magazines.
    The general idea is to achieved the satisfaction of seeing a story published.

    They all say that newbies are welcome but I have some doubts about it. Maybe it is just something nice and humble to say on their cover.

    A lot of magazines are looking for flash fiction, which doesn't work well for me. My stories start from the 2000 words at least.
    Magazine who accept "bigger" works have all big names which seem inaccessible without a background, an impressive CV or an award.
    Newbie doesn't sell, right?

    But keep trying, the hardest is to get the first one, I guess. So for the second you can use the first as reference.

    Just keep writing.
    Submit and keep writing.

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    Don't feel like you have to publish right away.
    Writing is something that you have to master first.
    The first 200,000 words are just practice. That's about what it takes to become technically proficient at the art.

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    I would check out The Submission Grinder. It allows you to search for markets based on genre, pay, word count, etc. It's a free Duotrope essentially.

    It's also a good place to discover new venues for reading. I would encourage you to find something that interests you and read the work they publish.
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