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Thread: Musty's Personal Year by year survey thread (or Musty's latest indulgence)

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    Worshipping at the Church of Stan

    Yeah, so it's a bit pervy.

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    The Clinton era started out auspiciously enough with the first World Trade Center bombing and Waco but people seemed more interested in wondering what was Seinfeld and his bunch up to this week. Musically, it was a year of scandal, or at least with Michael Jackson anyway. No longer was it about hyperbaric chambers and pet chimps or even Neverland. Now he was in serious trouble as he was being investigated for child molestation, something that would follow him around for at least a dozen years.

    As far as the music itself, grunge and hip hop continued to dominate. Suede was the big band this year in my book, but Counting Crows also debuted this year. Radiohead also released their debut album this year though itís safe to say they would fare much better in the years to come.

    Anyway, there are a lot of different bands on this list so here we goÖ

    1. Sleeping Satellite- Tasmin Archer
    2. Cannonball- Breeders
    3. Mr. Jones- Counting Crows
    4. Heart Shaped Box- Nirvana
    5. I Heard Ramona Sing- Frank Black
    6. Cantaloop- US3
    7. Truganini- Midnight Oil
    8. Los Angeles- Frank Black
    9. I Should Have Known- Aimee Mann
    10. Kidís All Right- Bettie Seveert
    11. Fuzzy- Grant Lee Buffalo
    12. Divorce Song- Liz Phair
    13. Feed the Tree- Belly
    14. Cool Like That- Digable Planets
    15. Some Velvet Morning- Slowdive
    16. Connected- Stereo MCs
    17. Rape Me- Nirvana
    18. Butterfly Wings- Machines of Loving Grace
    19. My Country- Midnight Oil
    20. Human Behavior- Bjork
    21. Steam- Peter Garbriel
    22. Creep- Radiohead
    23. If I Had No Loot- Tony Toni Tone
    24. Sheís Not Dead- Suede
    25. Showgirl- Auteurs
    26. Crank- Catherine Wheel
    27. Linger- Cranberries
    28. Fu Manchu- Frank Black
    29. Help Me Mary- Liz Phair
    30. Verse Chorus Verse- Nirvana
    31. 50 Ft. Queenie- PJ Harvey
    32. Wiggle Stick- Reverend Horton Heat
    33. Disarm- Smashing Pumpkins
    34. Positive Bleeding- Urge Overkill
    35. Say Anything- Aimee Mann
    36. Lipgloss- Pulp
    37. All That She Wants- Ace of Base
    38. No Rain- Blind Melon
    39. Canít Do a Thing To Stop Me- Chris Isaak
    40. I Feel You- Depeche Mode
    41. Time Capsule- Matthew Sweet
    42. Outbreak of Love- Midnight Oil
    43. Pennyroyal Tea- Nirvana
    44. Twist Barbie- Shonen Knife
    45. Push thí Little Daisies- Ween
    46. Is It Like Today- World Party
    47. Dogs of Lust- The The
    48. Step It Up- Stereo MCs
    49. Dream All Day- Posies
    50. Daughter- Pearl Jam
    51. San Francisco Days- Chris Isaak
    52. Candy Everybody Wants- 10,000 Maniacs
    53. Sometimes Salvation- Black Crowes
    54. Divine Hammer- Breeders
    55. Chasing a Bee- Mercury Rev
    56. Rain King- Counting Crows
    57. Walking In My Shoes- Depeche Mode
    58. Dreams- Cranberries
    59. Hang On To Your Ego- Frank Black
    60. The Ghost at Number One- Jellyfish
    61. Grace Cathedral Park- Red House Painters
    62. Into Your Arms- Lemonheads
    63. Regret- New Order
    64. Buena- Morphine
    65. Oh Carolina- Shaggy
    66. Cherub Rock- Smashing Pumpkins
    67. Sleeping Pills- Suede
    68. Because the Night- 10,000 Maniacs
    69. The Crying Game- Boy George
    70. Round Here- Counting Crows
    71. Ordinary World- Duran Duran
    72. She Donít Use Jelly- Flaming Lips
    73. Beautiful Girl- Inxs
    74. Detachable Penis- King Missile
    75. From Despair To Where- Manic Street Preachers
    76. Drums of Heaven- Midnight Oil
    77. Lucky Guy- Muffs
    78. Serve the Servants- Nirvana
    79. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You- Sting
    80. My Umbrella- Tripping Daisy
    81. Zooropa- U2
    82. What Is Love- Haddaway
    83. Low- Cracker
    84. Sweet Lullabye- Deep Forest
    85. Are You Gonna Go My Way- Lenny Kravitz
    86. Plush- Stone Temple Pilots
    87. Debonair- Afghan Whigs
    88. Black- Pearl Jam
    89. Show Me Mary- Catherine Wheel
    90. Rid of Me- PJ Harvey
    91. The Devilís Chasing Me- Reverend Horton Heat
    92. Gepetto- Belly
    93. Who Was In My Room Last Night- Butthole Sisters
    94. Three Little Pigs- Green Jelly
    95. Sodajerk- Buffalo Tom
    96. Iíd Do Anything For Love (But I Wonít Do That)- Meat Loaf
    97. Dollar Bill- Screaming Trees
    98. Today- Smashing Pumpkins
    99. Martin Scorcese- King Missile
    100. Rubberband Girl- Kate Bush

    The Word has spoken
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    To say that this was a sad and bizarre year would be an understatement. We already had the Woody Allen-Soon Yi scandal to sour the taste of many movie fans but now the sports world would be tainted as well, even worse really by way of OJ Simpson and the infamous Bronco speed chase that interrupted the NBA Finals. Simpson would dominate the news over the next year and a half and wouldnít truly disappear until a botched robbery attempt in Las Vegas netted him a lengthy prison sentence. Simpson, and his successful attempt to get away with murder, would affect race relations for years and not in a good way.

    Then there was the music world. No, there wasnít any major scandals as Michael Jackson and Madonna behaved themselves this year, but there was a shocking death that I compare to Jim Morrison, not John Lennon as some zealot suggested (he was famous but he wasnít that famous). Anyway, Iím talking about the Kurt Cobain suicide that would have a major impact on the grunge scene in particular. I could go on about Cobainís depression and drug use but that is, perhaps, for another thread. In any event, it was the dominant popular music event of the year.

    There were some new faces in 1994 including Beck and an indie band I really liked called Guided By Voices. They had my favorite album that year in Bee Thousand. Another one I really liked was Sam Phillips and her Martinis and Bikinis. Indie rock is starting to enter my radar by this point and youíll see more and more indie songs on my charts, or at least on the few I have left (Iím lumping the entire 21st century together). Anyway, without any further adieuÖ

    1. Loser- Beck
    2. Buzzards and Dreadful Crows- Guided By Voices
    3. Baby I Canít Please You- Sam Phillips
    4. Fade Into You- Mazzy Star
    5. Mockingbirds- Grant Lee Buffalo
    6. Possession- Sarah McLachlan
    7. Girl Youíll Be a Woman Soon- Urge Overkill
    8. I Need Love- Sam Phillips
    9. Thatís Just What You Are- Aimee Mann
    10. Strawberry Road- Sam Phillips
    11. Bad Reputation- Freedy Johnson
    12. Screenwriterís Blues- Soul Coughing
    13. Selling the Drama- Live
    14. Your Ghost- Kristin Hersh
    15. Do You Remember the First Time- Pulp
    16. Cornflake Girl- Tori Amos
    17. Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley
    18. Twiggy Twiggy- Pizzicato Five
    19. Deliaís Gone- Johnny Cash
    20. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm- Crash Test Dummies
    21. I Want To Live On an Abstract Plain- Frank Black
    22. Tongue- REM
    23. Ten Percenter- Frank Black
    24. Trampoline- Greenberry Woods
    25. Your Ghost- Kristin Hersh
    26. The Wild Ones- Suede
    27. Supernova- Liz Phair
    28. The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get- Morrissey
    29. The Day I Tried To Live- Soundgarden
    30. Strange Currencies- REM
    31. Love Is Strong- Rolling Stones
    32. Circle of Fire- Sam Phillips
    33. Leaving Las Vegas- Sheryl Crow
    34. Spoonman- Soundgarden
    35. Interstate Love Song- Stone Temple Pilots
    36. From a Motel 6- Yo La Tengo
    37. The Sign- Ace of Base
    38. Sabotage- Beastie Boys
    39. Streets of Philadelphia- Bruce Springsteen
    40. Closer- Nine Inch Nails
    41. Echoes Myron- Guided By Voices
    42. Run To the Sun-Erasure
    43. Shock Me- Red House Painters
    44. What's the Frequency Kenneth- REM
    45. When I Fall- Sam Phillips
    46. Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden
    47. To the End- Blur
    48. God- Tori Amos
    49. Mary Janeís Last Dance- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    50. 21st Century Digital Boy- Bad Religion
    51. 13 Steps Lead Down- Elvis Costello
    52. Headache- Frank Black
    53. The Whole Worldís Lost Its Head- Go Gos
    54. Longview- Green Day
    55. Hot Freaks- Guided By Voices
    56. Stay ( I Missed You)- Lisa Loeb
    57. Cure For Pain- Morphine
    58. Supersonic- Oasis
    59. About a Girl (Unplugged)- Nirvana
    60. Bang and Blame- REM
    61. Strong Enough- Sheryl Crow
    62. Landslide- Smashing Pumpkins
    63. Jenny Onodiline- Sterolab
    64. Creep- Stone Temple Pilots
    65. We Are the Pigs- Suede
    66. I Am a Scientist- Guided By Voices
    67. Eurotrash Girl- Cracker
    68. Caught By the Fuzz- Supergrass
    69. La Boob Oscillator- Stereolab
    70. Seether- Veruca Salt
    71. Fell On Black Days- Soundgarden
    72. All I Wanna Do- Sheryl Crow
    73. If Thatís Your Boyfriend- Meíshell Ngegeocello
    74. Better Man- Pearl Jam
    75. Roses in the Hospital- Manic Street Preachers
    76. I Alone- Live
    77. Doll Parts- Hole
    78. Basket Case- Green Day
    79. Girls and Boys- Blur
    80. Vasoline- Stone Temple Pilots
    81. Kerosene Hat- Cracker
    82. Fighting With Fire- Sam Phillips
    83. Breakin Up- Violent Femmes
    84. Star 69- REM
    85. End of a Century- Blur
    86. Miss World- Hole
    87. Undone (The Sweater Song)- Weezer
    88. Hang On- Teenage Fanclub
    89. Shine- Collective Soul
    90. Cut Your Hair- Pavement
    91. Feel the Pain- Dinosaur Jr.
    92. Watch the Girl Destroy Me- Possum Dixon
    93. Everything Zen- Bush
    94. Zombie- Cranberries
    95. Elderly Woman- Pearl Jam
    96. Get Off This- Cracker
    97. Return To Innocence- Enigma
    98. Come To My Window- Melissa Etheridge
    99. You Donít Know How It Feels- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
    100. Buddy Holly- Weezer

    The Word has spoken
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    While we digested the OJ trial and the tragedy at Oklahoma City, we got to be treated to the likes of Hootie and the Blowfish, the darlings of VH-One. Needless to say, no I didnít want any Hootie. It was another big year for Gangsta Rap, while TLC had a monster year in the R&B circles. Alternative rock though seemed to be at a crossroads as the mainstream modern rock was becoming engulfed in the new indie rock movement while more heavy metal/rap tendencies began to be played on modern rock radio, or at least on WHFS anyway.
    This was also the last year I listened to commercial rock radio preferring instead to listen to oldies. I would do that for a long time and wouldnít discover the music I was missing for almost a decade. So, while much of this chart is from the music I heard on the radio, some of it is music I will have discovered years later, like the number one song even, a huge hit in the UK, but totally unknown in the US. Anyway, here goesÖ

    1. Alright- Supergrass
    2. Sour Times- Portishead
    3. Bright Yellow Gun- Throwing Muses
    4. Just- Radiohead
    5. Walk This World- Heather Nova
    6. Perfect Day- Kirsty MacColl
    7. Free As a Bird- Beatles
    8. Where the Wild Roses Go- Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue
    9. The Universal- Blur
    10. Miss Sarajevo- Messengers
    11. Just a Girl- No Doubt
    12. Down By the Water- PJ Harvey
    13. Bright As Yellow- Innocence Mission
    14. 1979- Smashing Pumpkins
    15. Natural One- Folk Implosion
    16. When You Smile- Flaming Lips
    17. Book To Hypnotize- Kix
    18. Pacer- Amps
    19. Needle in the Hay- Elliott Smith
    20. Címon Billy- PJ Harvey
    21. Street Spirit- Radiohead
    22. Choice in the Matter- Aimee Mann
    23. Connection- Elastica
    24. This Is a Low- Blur
    25. As We Go Up We Go Down- Guided By Voices
    26. Range Life- Pavement
    27. The Bends- Radiohead
    28. You and Me and the Moon- Magnetic Fields
    29. Where Did You Sleep Last Night- Nirvana
    30. Bullet With Butterfly Wings- Smashing Pumpkins
    31. Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues- Todd Snider
    32. Chicken Blows- Guided By Voices
    33. That Girl Suicide- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    34. I Got a Girl- Tripping Daisy
    35. I Will Remember You- Sarah McLachlan
    36. I Donít Want To Grow Up- Ramones
    37. Common People- Pulp
    38. Karmacoma- Massive Attack
    39. Christmas at the Zoo- Flaming Lips
    40. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing- Chris Isaak
    41. Judy Staring at the Sun- Catherine Wheel
    42. Whip Smart- Liz Phair
    43. You Oughta Know- Alanis Morisette
    44. Magic America- Blur
    45. The Heartís Filthy Lesson- David Bowie
    46. Honey Donít Think- Grant Lee Buffalo
    47. Last Goodbye- Jeff Buckley
    48. Mis-Shapes- Pulp
    49. Summer Dress- Red House Painters
    50. White, Discussion- Live
    51. Sick of Myself- Matthew Sweet
    52. Hurt- Nine Inch Nails
    53. Box Full of Letters- Wilco
    54. I Saw the Light- The The
    55. Glory Box- Portishead
    56. Wisdom- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    57. Rock n Roll Lifestyle- Cake
    58. The Biggest Lie- Elliott Smith
    59. China Roses- Enya
    60. Hey Man Nice Shot- Filter
    61. My Valuable Hunting Knife- Guided By Voices
    62. Caroline- Kirsty MacColl
    63. Against the 70s- Mike Watt
    64. Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam- Nirvana
    65. Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead
    66. Plowed- Sponge
    67. If You Donít Love Me Iíll Kill Myself- Pete Droge
    68. The World I Know- Collective Soul
    69. Tears On Fresh Fruit- Sparklehorse
    70. Time Bomb- Rancid
    71. Burn One Down- Ben Harper
    72. Somebodyís Crying- Chris Isaak
    73. Send His Love To Me- PJ Harvey
    74. My Iron Lung- Radiohead
    75. A Girl Like You- Edwyn Collins
    76. Santa Monica- Everclear
    77. Glycerine- Bush
    78. Tonight Tonight- Smashing Pumpkins
    79. Stutter- Elastica
    80. Wonderwall- Oasis
    81. Tear Stained Eye- Son Volt
    82. My Friends- Red Hot Chili Peppers
    83. All Over You- Live
    84. Date Rape- Sublime
    85. Country House- Blur
    86. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me- U2
    87. Corduroy- Pearl Jam
    88. Queer- Garbage
    89. Beautiful Life- Ace of Base
    90. Protection- Massive Attack
    91. Oh Itís So Quiet- Bjork
    92. Lightning Crashes- Live
    93. Hand In My Pocket- Alanis Morrisette
    94. Itís Good To Be King- Tom Petty
    95. Universal Heartbeat- Juliana Hatfield
    96. I Kissed a Girl- Jill Sobule
    97. Decora- Yo La Tengo
    98. Til I Hear It From You- Gin Blossoms
    99. Honey White- Morphine
    100. Kiss From a Rose- Seal

    The Word has spoken
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    And here we are in the year of the Macarena. It was something you couldnít get away from but boy did we wish we could. Musically, it was a big year for the likes of No Doubt and Garbage while Coolio dominated the rap charts. Mariah Carey and Boyz 2 Men too had big years.

    For me though, it was a big year for indie rock. By now I was strictly an oldies listener having been turned off by the rap metal that was posing as alternative rock these days. And Limp Bizkit hadnít even hit yet. Anyway, The Eels and Stereolab score big on my list this year as does the great Johnny Cash, now in the early part of his American Recordings period. Itís an interesting year to be sure so here goesÖ

    1. Naked Eye- Luscious Jackson
    2. Iíve Been Everywhere- Johnny Cash
    3. Novocaine For the Soul- Eels
    4. Metronomic Underground- Stereolab
    5. Somethingís Changed- Pulp
    6. A Design For Life- Manic Street Praechers
    7. Only Happy When It Rains- Garbage
    8. Where Itís At- Beck
    9. Beautiful Ones- Suede
    10. Donít Buy the Realistic- Spoon
    11. Big Bang Baby- Stone Temple Pilots
    12. Goldfinger- Ash
    13. Someday I Will Treat You Good- Sparklehorse
    14. If You Donít Want Me To Destroy You- Super Furry Animals
    15. Patio Song- Gorkyís Zygotic Mynci
    16. One of Us- Joan Osbourne
    17. Jumping Fences- Olivia Tremor Control
    18. Bittersweet Me- REM
    19. Song Against Sex- Neutral Milk Hotel
    20. Seeing Other People- Belle and Sebastian
    21. Go Walking Down There- Chris Isaak
    22. Popular- Nada Surf
    23. Devilís Haircut- Beck
    24. Donít Speak- No Doubt
    25. Bomb the Twist- 5678s
    26. The Distance- Cake
    27. All the Pretty Little Horses- Current 93
    28. The Other End of the Telescope- Elvis Costello
    29. Motor Away- Guided By Voices
    30. Beautiful Freak- Eels
    31. Electrolite- REM
    32. If It Makes You Happy- Sheryl Crow
    33. Rainmaker- Sparklehorse
    34. Christiansands- Tricky
    35. Woman- Neneh Cherry
    36. Walls- Tom Petty
    37. Married To a Lazy Lover- Aueturs
    38. Me and the Major- Belle and Sebastian
    39. (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    40. Real Love- Beatles
    41. E Bow the Letter- REM
    42. Shadowboxer- Fiona Apple
    43. Killing Me Softly- Fugees
    44. The Official Ironman Rally Song- Guided By Voices
    45. Shake Baby Shake- Lush
    46. The Boy Racer- Morrissey
    47. Far Far Away- Wilco
    48. If Youíre Feeling Sinister- Belle and Sebastian
    49. New World Order- Curtis Mayfield
    50. Your Lucky Day in Hell- Eeels
    51. Nude as the News- Cat Power
    52. Stupid Girl- Garbage
    53. Everything Must Go- Manic Street Preachers
    54. Rusty Cage- Johnny Cash
    55. Ladykillers- Lush
    56. Henry Lee- Nick Cave and PJ Harvey
    57. All Mixed Up- Red Hot Painters
    58. In the Meantime- Spacehog
    59. Something 4 the Weekend- Super Furry Animals
    60. Cybeleís Reverie- Stereolab
    61. So Real- Jeff Buckley
    62. What I Got- Sublime
    63. Hell- Squirrel Nut Zippers
    64. Tipp City- Amps
    65. Black Soul Choir- 16 Horsepower
    66. Heaven Besides You- Alice in Chains
    67. The New Pollution- Beck
    68. Angel Mine- Cowboy Junkies
    69. Counting Blue Cars- Dishwalla
    70. This Here Giraffe- Flaming Lips
    71. Virtual Insanity- Jamiroquai
    72. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)- Marilyn Manson
    73. That Thing You Do- Wonders
    74. Ready To Go- Republica
    75. Ruby Soho- Rancid
    76. Bulls On Parade- Rage Against the Machine
    77. Naomi- Neutral Milk Hotel
    78. Thatís When I Reach For My Revolver- Moby
    79. Burning Flag Birthday Suit- Guided By Voices
    80. Susanís House- Eels
    81. When Youíre Gone- Cranberries
    82. In My Life- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    83. You Could Make a Killing- Aimee Mann
    84. Flowers in December- Mazzy Star
    85. How The West Was Won and What It Got Us- REM
    86. Sucked Out- Superdrag
    87. Sad and Beautiful World- Sparklehorse
    88. Love Rollercioaster- Red Hot Chili Peppers
    89. Give Me One More Reason- Tracy Chapman
    90. If I Could Talk Iíd Tell You- Lemonheads
    91. How Many Mics- Fugees
    92. Deeper Well- Nada Surf
    93. Champagne Supernova- Oasis
    94. Call the Doctor- Sleater Kinney
    95. Setting Sun- Chemical Brothers
    96. Free To Decide- Cranberries
    97. Drown- Son Volt
    98. The Government Darling- Spoon
    99. Home- Sean Lennon
    100. I Hate My Generation- Cracker

    The Word has spoken
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    It was the year we lost Princess Diana. It was also the year of Tubthumping and the Spice Girls. I think Hanson was still doing pretty well too at this point.

    But it was also the year of OK Computer, probably the most raved about album in almost two decades. Not since The Wall had an album received so much critical fanfare. And it was deserved to, as it is also among my all time favorite albums. It was also another great year for Indie rock as Yo La Tengo and the Dandy Warhols are prominent on my chart. So with all that in mindÖ

    1. Karma Police- Radiohead
    2. Paranoid Android- Radiohead
    3. You Pretend To Be the Moon- Future Bible Heroes
    4. Autumn Sweater- Yo La Tengo
    5. The Drugs Donít Work- Verve
    6. Song 2- Blur
    7. Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth- Dandy Warhols
    8. My Little Corner of the World- Yo La Tengo
    9. Lucky- Radiohead
    10. Iím Afraid of Americans- David Bowie
    11. Bittersweet Symphony- Verve
    12. Tubthumping- Chumbawumba
    13. Beetlebum- Blur
    14. What Do You Want From Me- Monaco
    15. In It For the Money- Supergrass
    16. No Surprises- Radiohead
    17. Sunmoonstars- Gorkyís Zygotic Mynci
    18. Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space- Spiritialized
    19. Somedays- Paul McCartney
    20. Ballad of Jim Jones- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    21. Bulldog Skin- Guided By Voices
    22. Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight- Whiskeytown
    23. I Would Hurt a Fly- Built To Spill
    24. Fire Water Burn- Bloodhound Gang
    25. The World Tonight- Paul McCartney
    26. Exit Music (For a Film)- Radiohead
    27. Your Woman- White Town
    28. Walkin On the Sun- Smashmouth
    29. Mary Please- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    30. Shady Lane- Pavement
    31. Strawberry Blonde- Ron Sexsmith
    32. Santeria- Sublime
    33. Not If You Were the Last Dandy On Earth- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    34. AM 180- Granddaddy
    35. Learning To Hunt- Guided By Voices
    36. Tokyo Mon Amor- Pizzicato Five
    37. Building a Mystery- Sarah McLachlan
    38. Burn the River Dry- Jim White
    39. Outta Site Outta Mind- Wilco
    40. Sugarcube- Yo La Tengo
    41. Every Day is a Winding Road- Sheryl Crow
    42. Willing To Wait- Sebadoh
    43. Dig Me Out- Sleater Kinney
    44. Satellite- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    45. Barrel of a Gun- Depeche Mode
    46. Lovefool- Cardigans
    47. Cold Irons Bound- Bob Dylan
    48. More Than This- 10,000 Maniacs
    49. Low Estate- 16 Horsepower
    50. Frank Sinatra- Cake
    51. Criminal- Fiona Apple
    52. Time of Your Life- Green Day
    53. She Cries Your Name- Beth Orton
    54. All Mine- Portishead
    55. Your Long White Fingers- Gothic Archies
    56. The Songs We Were Singing- Paul McCartney
    57. Words and Guitar- Sleater Kinney
    58. Weekend in Western Illinois- Mountain Goats
    59. Long Way Around- Teenage Fanclub
    60. Miss Modular- Stereolab
    61. I Will Survive- Cake
    62. Richard III- Supergrass
    63. Cowboys- Portishead
    64. Angeles- Elliott Smith
    65. I Am a Tree- Guided By Voices
    66. Block Rockin Beats- Chemical Brothers
    67. Kowalski- Primal Scream
    68. A Change Will Do You Good- Sheryl Crow
    69. Happy- Mazzy Star
    70. Itís No Good- Depeche Mode
    71. Be Here Now- Oasis
    72. Hello- Poe
    73. Keep Hope Alive- Crystal Method
    74. Winter- Teenage Fanclub
    75. Sweet Surrender- Sarah McLachlan
    76. Airbag- Nirvana
    77. Lonely Old Lies- Neko Case
    78. Between the Bars- Elliott Smith
    79. Stockholm Syndrome- Muse
    80. 16 Days- Whiskeytown
    81. Are You the One Iíve Been Waiting For- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    82. The Impression That I Get- Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    83. Happy- Travis
    84. Female of the Species- Spacehog
    85. Turn It On- Sleater Kinney
    86. Rattlesnakes- Live
    87. Díya Know What I Mean- Oasis
    88. Anemone- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    89. Little Wonder- David Bowie
    90. Pink Triangle- Weezer
    91. She Makes My Nose Bleed- Mansun
    92. Alma Matters- Morrissey
    93. Abuse Me- Silverchair
    94. U16 Girls- Travis
    95. Staring At the Sun- U2
    96. World Before Columbus- Suzanne Vega
    97. Daylight Fading- Counting Crows
    98. Help the Aged- Pulp
    99. Lakiniís Juice- Live
    100. Sex and Candy- Marcy Playground

    The Word has spoken
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    It was the year Bill Clinton swore he didnít sleep with that woman, only he did, and he got himself impeached for it. It was also the year we had to endure Celine Dionís My Heart Will Go On as the movie Titanic, released in 1997, was reaching saturation status through much of 1998. Shania Twain and Destinyís Child also had big years on the pop charts.

    For me though, it was about Elliott Smith, one of the best, and sadly rather tragic, singer songwriters ever, as well as the quirky Neutral Milk Hotel and the bluesy Gomez. It is certainly a respite from the Limp Bizkit style music that was going on what was once Album oriented rock radio. Anyway, if you looked, youíll find some pretty cool music in the late nineties and 1998 was no exception.

    So with thatÖ

    1. Waltz No. 2- Elliott Smith
    2. In the Aeroplane Under the Sea- Neutral Milk Hotel
    3. 78 Stone Wobble- Gomez
    4. Praise You- Fatboy Slim
    5. California Stars- Billy Bragg and Wilco
    6. Dead Melodies- Beck
    7. Miss Misery- Elliott Smith
    8. The Rockefeller Skank- Fatboy Slim
    9. Gone Till November- Wyclef Jean
    10. Death + Annie- Quickspace
    11. Slogan- Blonde Redhead
    12. Electroshock Blues- Eels
    13. The Way- Fastball
    14. A Perfect Day Elise- PJ Harvey
    15. The Bad Photographer- Sainte Etienne
    16. Get Myself Arrested- Gomez
    17. Doo Wop (That Thing)- Lauryn Hill
    18. England Made Me- Black Box Recorder
    19. Johnny Feelgood- Liz Phair
    20. My Favorite Game- Cardigans
    21. Christ For President- Billy Bragg and Wilco
    22. Kelly Watch the Stars- Air
    23. The Devil May Care- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    24. Friend is a Four Letter Word- Cake
    25. Elizabeth on the Bathroom Floor/Going To Your Funeral- Eels
    26. Waltz No. 1- Elliott Smith
    27. Like You- Kristin Hersh
    28. Sunday Shining- Finley Quaye
    29. Right Here Right Now- Fatboy Slim
    30. Until You Came Along- Golden Smog
    31. Polyester Bride- Liz Phair
    32. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next- Manic Street Preachers
    33. Two Headed Boy- Neutral Milk Hotel
    34. The Garden- PJ Harvey
    35. Cruel Sun- Sparkehorse
    36. Boys Better- Dandy Warhols
    37. Is It Wicked Not To Care- Belle and Sebastian
    38. Not Dark Yet- Bob Dylan
    39. Breakaway- Detroit Cobras
    40. I Didnít Understand- Elliott Smith
    41. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road- Lucinda Williams
    42. Summer Here Kids- Granddaddy
    43. Truly Truly- Grant Lee Buffalo
    44. You Get What You Give- New Radicals
    45. Start the Commotion- Wiseguys
    46. My Favorite Mistake- Sheryl Crow
    47. Pig- Sparklehorse
    48. Child Psychology- Black Box Recorder
    49. Wasting Away- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    50. Putty in Your Hands- Detroit Cobras
    51. Hard Knock Life- Jay-Z
    52. The Mummerís Dance- Loreena McKennit
    53. Goddess on a Highway- Mercury Rev
    54. The Everlasting- Manic Street Preachers
    55. The Day After the Revolution- Pulp
    56. Circles- Soul Coughing
    57. Sick of Goodbyes- Sparklehorse
    58. Bachelorette- Bjork
    59. April Fools- Rufus Wainwright
    60. Zoot Suit Riot- Cherry Poppin Daddies
    61. Look Inside America- Blur
    62. Like Dylan in the Movies- Belle and Sebastian
    63. Way Down Yonder in the Minor Key- Billy Bragg and Wilco
    64. Servo- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    65. Please- Chris Isaak
    66. Miles From Our Home- Cowboy Junkies
    67. I Think Iím Paranoid- Garbage
    68. Everything Beautiful Is Far Away- Granddaddy
    69. Saint Mary- Sparklehorse
    70. One More Hour- Sleater Kinney
    71. This Is Hardcore- Pulp
    72. Holland 1945- Neutral Milk Hotel
    73. Fly Away- Lenny Kravitz
    74. Father of Mine- Everclear
    75. Bottle Up and Explode- Elliott Smith
    76. Cancer For the Cure- Eels
    77. Get Miles- Gomez
    78. Two Beers Later- Cadallaca
    79. Youíre So Great- Blur
    80. Jackieís Strength- Tori Amos
    81. Square Heart- Black Heart Procession
    82. Daysleeper- REM
    83. Itís Bad You Know- RL Burnside
    84. Howís It Feel To Be Something On- Sunny Day Real Estate
    85. Push It- Garbage
    86. All Around the World- Oasis
    87. Good Feeling- Travis
    88. I Started a Joke- Travis
    89. I Think Iím In Love- Spiritualized
    90. Gangster Trippin- Fat Boy Three
    91. Firecracker- Nada Surf
    92. Barbarella- Scott Weiland
    93. Intergalactic- Beastie Boys
    94. The Boy With the Arab Strap- Belle and Sebastian
    95. Suits Are Picking Up the Bill- Squirell Nut Zippers
    96. Baby- Rufus Wainwright
    97. Canít Get Enough Of You Baby- Smash Mouth
    98. Sexx Laws- Beck
    99. Closing Time- Semisonic
    100. The Sweetest Thing- U2

    The Word has spoken
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    And check out Gertie's blog on her favorite top twenty-five albums between 1955-2017 Hidden Content

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    It was the year everyone panicked about the Y2K bug because somebody forgot to do something on the global computer back in 1967 or something. What did he do? What would happen on midnight on December 31? Iíll give you a hint: nothing.

    Anyway, this last full year Iím covering was a big year for the boy bands as well as the girl pop singers, notably one Britney Spears, who would, in a few years, put Madonna to shame when it came to scandals. For now though, she was just a cutie pie who made the cover of Rolling Stone.

    As for me, it was a big year for Moby (who was also actually popular, go figure) as well as for Wilco, probably my favorite band of the Millennium. Indeed I like this year from an individual songs standpoint. The Elephant Six bands are prominent on my chart, particularly Of Montreal, who had my favorite album this year with The Gay Parade. The Elephant Six artists, a group of psychedelic pop bands, deserves its own thread one of these days. Anyhow, we end the twentieth century with this slate so enjoyÖ

    1. Hold On Hope- Guided By Voices
    2. Porcelain- Moby
    3. You Stole the Sun From My Heart- Manic Street Preachers
    4. Nothingsevergonnastandinmyway (again)- Wilco
    5. Anaís Song (Open Fire)- Silverchair
    6. A Collection of Poems About Water- Of Montreal
    7. Opus 40- Mercury Rev
    8. Busted Afternoon- Old 97s
    9. Mansion in the Sky- Brian Jonestown Massacre
    10. At My Most Beautiful- REM
    11. Metal Heart- Cat Power
    12. We Haven't Turned Around- Gomez
    13. Natural Blues- Moby
    14. Pumping On Your Stereo- Supergrass
    15. Why Does It Always Rain On Me- Travis
    16. Falls To Climb- REM
    17. White Trash Heroes- Archers of Loaf
    18. Vidrar Vel Til Lofterasa- Sigur Ros
    19. A Light So Dim- Black Heart Procession
    20. I See a Darkness- Bonnie Prince Billy
    21. Tender- Blur
    22. The Benefits of Lying With Your Friend- Apples in Stereo
    23. The March of the Gay Parade- Of Montreal
    24. The Dolphins Cry- Live
    25. Scar Tissue- Red Hot Chili Peppers
    26. Pieholden Suite- Wilco
    27. The Big Three Killed My Baby- White Stripes
    28. Canít Change Me- Chris Cornell
    29. Sheís a Jar- Wilco
    30. Let Forever Be- Chemical Brothers
    31. Carry The Zero- Built To Spill
    32. Strawberry Fire- Apples in Stereo
    33. Get Outta My Room- Donnas
    34. Waiting For a Superman- Flaming Lips
    35. All I Need- Air
    36. Spanish Dance Troupe- Gorkyís Zygotic Mynci
    37. The Hymn For the Alcohol- Hefner
    38. Bodyrock- Moby
    39. Fun Loving Nun- Of Montreal
    40. As You Are- Travis
    41. Lotus- REM
    42. Burn Donít Freeze- Sleater Kinney
    43. Címon Címon- Sloan
    44. Swastika Eyes- Primal Scream
    45. Stolen Car- Beth Orton
    46. Teenage FBI- Guided By Vices
    47. Jagged- Old 97s
    48. Pink Cadillac- Bruce Springsteen
    49. I Didnít Like You Anyway- Donnas
    50. Race For the Prize- Flaming Lips
    51. Rhythm and Blues Alibi- Gomez
    52. I Donít Believe in the Sun- Magnetic Fields
    53. Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad- Moby
    54. Spoonful of Sugar- Of Montreal
    55. The Great Beyond- REM
    56. Find the Hour- Radar Brothers
    57. Kiss Me- Sixpence None the Richer
    58. Losing California- Sloan
    59. Sheís So High- Tai Bachman
    60. Come On Up To the House- Tom Waits
    61. Coffee and TV- Blur
    62. Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home- Elf Power
    63. Take a Picture- Filter
    64. Right In Time- Lucinda Williams
    65. American Woman- Lenny Kravitz
    66. Tsunami- Manic Street Preachers
    67. Jacques Lamure- Of Montreal
    68. Easter Theatre- XTC
    69. Writing To Reach You- Travis
    70. Anything But Down- Sheryl Crow
    71. Around the World- Red Hot Chili Peppers
    72. Canít Stand It- Wilco
    73. Guerilla Radio- Rage Against the Machine
    74. Cabwaylingo- Ohia
    75. Holes- Mercury Rev
    76. Center of the Universe- Built To Spill
    77. Maria- Blondie
    78. Sheís In Fashion- Suede
    79. When the Morning Comes- Smash Mouth
    80. There She Goes- Sixpence None the Richer
    81. The Spiderbite Song- Flaming Lips
    82. Absolutely Cuckoo- Magnetic Fields
    83. Bring It On- Gomez
    84. Paranormal Echoes- Olivia Tremor Control
    85. My Favorite Boxer- Of Montreal
    86. Millennium- Robbie Williams
    87. Central Reservation- Beth Orton
    88. You Got Me- Roots
    89. All Star- Smash Mouth
    90. Natalieís Party- Shack
    91. Angel- Sarah McLachlan
    92. The Day the World Went Away- Nine Inch Nails
    93. Suzy Lee- White Stripes
    94. Godzilla- Fu Manchu
    95. Monster Mash- Misfits
    96. Lebanese Blonde- Thievery Corporation
    97. 3 MCs and One DJ- Beastie Boys
    98. Hey Boy Hey Girl- Chemical Brothers
    99. Better Days- Citizen King
    100. The Chemicals Between Us- Bush

    The Word has spoken
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    And check out Gertie's blog on her favorite top twenty-five albums between 1955-2017 Hidden Content

  9. #59

    The Millennium

    So here we are at the end of my latest ambitious project, or at least the latest one Iím wrapping up. So much music is covered on this list as were talking about close to twenty years. I guess I could have done individual years for a while longer (I stayed on top of music, or at least indie music, up until around 2010) but weíre a twentieth century bunch when it comes right down to it and Iím kind of a twentieth century guy. Man Iím getting way too old .

    Anyway, we have the likes of Granddaddy, The White Stripes, The Flaming Lips, The New Pornographers, and so many others on this list so with that, here are my favorite 100 songs of the Millennium (so far).

    1. Do You Realize- Flaming Lips
    2. Ashes of American Flags- Wilco
    3. Hellhole Ratrace- Girls
    4. Jackie Cane- Hooverphonic
    5. Fell In Love With a Girl- White Stripes
    6. Saint Simon- Shins
    7. Hurt- Johnny Cash
    8. Sleeper- Ty Segall
    9. Melody Day- Caribou
    10. Myriad Harbour- New Pornographers
    11. In the Wood- Vermillion Sands
    12. Crystal Lake- Grandaddy
    13. Wishing He Was Dead- The Like
    14. Yankee Bayonet- Decemberists
    15. John Wayne Gacy- Sufjan Stevens
    16. Let England Shake- PJ Harvey
    17. Setting Sun- Howling Bells
    18. Pretty (Ugly Before)- Elliott Smith
    19. Itís a Wonderful Life- Sparklehorse
    20. Inside of Love- Nada Surf
    21. Mad World- Gary Jules
    22. The Transfiguration- Sufjan Stevens
    23. To All the Lights in the Windows- Conor Oberst
    24. The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
    25. In This World- Moby
    26. Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings- Father John Misty
    27. Morning Bell (Amnesiac)-Radiohead
    28. The Laws Have Changed- New Pornographers
    29. White Winter Hymnal- Fleet Foxes
    30. So Why So Sad- Manic Street Preachers
    31. How To Dream- Sam Phillips
    32. When Under Ether- PJ Harvey
    33. There Goes the Sun- Pernice Brothers
    34. The Chimbley Sweep- Decemberists
    35. The Air Near My Fingers- White Stripes
    36. Redemption Day- Johnny Cash
    37. The Valley of Death- Warlocks
    38. Send Away the Tigers- Manic Street Preachers
    39. Reservoir Park- The Duchess and the Duke
    40. Man Sized Wreath- REM
    41. Crystalized- The xx
    42. I Should Have Known Better- Sufjan Stevens
    43. Deeper Down- Wilco
    44. 100 Days 100 Nights- Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
    45. Carry Me Ohio- Sun Kil Moon
    46. Heís Not a Boy- The Like
    47. Passing Afternoon- Iron and Wine
    48. The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts- Sufjan Stevens
    49. The Miner at the Dial a View/So Youíll Aim Towards the Sky- Grandaddy
    50. People Say-Portugal the Man
    51. Save Me- Aimee Mann
    52. You Can Have It All- Yo La Tengo
    53. Letter From an Occupant- New Pornographers
    54. Furnace Room Lullaby- Neko Case
    55. The Good That Wonít Come Out- Rilo Kiley
    56. When I Fall- Steve Earle
    57. The Seeds 2.0- Roots
    58. Indian Summer Breakdown- Varnaline
    59. Everywhere With Helicopter- Guided By Voices
    60. Golden- My Morning Jacket
    61. John Walkerís Blues- Steve Earle
    62. Theologians- Wilco
    63. So Says I- Shins
    64. Only Time- Enya
    65. Big Sure- Thrills
    66. Babies On the Sun- Sparklehorse
    67. Thank God For Sinner- Ty Segall
    68. Vaporize- Broken Bells
    69. Wake Me Up When September Ends- Green Day
    70. Mollyís Chambers- Kings of Leon
    71. My Friends Have- Marianne Faithful
    72. Pedestrian at Best- Courtney Barnett
    73. The First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes
    74. I Follow You Ė Melodyís Echo Chamber
    75. Iíll Fight- Wilco
    76. Steady As She Goes- Raconteurs
    77. Overcome- Live
    78. Gasoline- Sheryl Crow
    79. Lazarus- Davis Bowie
    80. Siberian Breaks- MGMT
    81. Strange Condition- Pete Yorn
    82. Ocean Spray- Manic Street Preachers
    83. The Crash Years- New Pornographers
    84. Godís Gonna Cut You Down- Johnny Cash
    85. Home- Great Northern
    86. Golden Rose- Tom Petty
    87. Hotels- Juliana Hatfield
    88. I Will Follow You Into the Dark- Death Cab For Cutie
    89. Your Touch- Black Keys
    90. Vomit- Girls
    91. The High Road- Broken Bells
    92. Girlfriend- Weezer
    93. There There- Radiohead
    94. Hold On Hold On- Neko Case
    95. Silver Lining- Rilo Kiley
    96. Kiss With a Fist- Florence and the Machine
    97. Archie Marry Me- Alvvays
    98. Leaving New York- REM
    99. Dreams- Brandi Carlisle
    100. Black Hearted Love- PJ Harvey

    The Word has spoken
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    Hi Musty

    I think you have Listitus...

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