For those of you interested in publishing your books and selling eBooks to libraries around the world, there is a new streamlined process.

In the old days you had to be set up via Baker & Taylor, Overdrive, Biblioteca, and others. Or you could use Amazon's expanded marketing option (which is a total ripoff since it jacks up your cover price by 25%!!!)

But now you can simply set up your eBook on Draft2Digital and they register you with all the really critical platforms: B&N, B&T, Overdrive, Biblioteka, Kobo, Scribd, Apple Books, Tolino, 24 symbols, and Hoopla.

HOWEVER: you will need an ISBN separate from the eBook ISBN you used on Amazon.

Here is their URL:

For print books you still need to use Ingram. D2D will eventually offer print books, but they do not currently.