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Thread: Do you prefer writing an outline or letting the story tell itself?

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    I am a seat-of-the-pants writer because I feel that giving my characters free rein better allows them to drive the plot as opposed to making them comply to plot elements that are already mapped out. I can see some value to an outline as long as it's not too restrictive...

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    That's fascinating. When you let them fly by their seat of their pants how do you keep them from contradicting the themes of the story, if there is no outline?

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    When you walk out your front door, do you know where you're going? If it's a long trip, or a complicated route do you use a map or plan your route?

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    So far I have written very little to have a preferred method. But I found when I just wrote short-stories in the past it was fun to see where the story went but it was usually an inconsistent mess by the end and required some serious editing and re-thinking. I realized my first draft was my plan. My second draft was the story itself. So I guess I'm both a planner and a panster. My planning is just very elaborate. I decided to down grade to traditional planning, bullet point and characters charts, then tended to find the characters on the page were nothing like those on the charts.

    I have no method yet as I haven't written enough consistently to find what works for me.

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    If I'm writing a big story or one that will have a strong theme to it, I prefer to write an outline first so that I don't forget anything and so that I take a step back to make sure everything makes since. I'm kinda a control freak when it comes to my writing; I want each sentence to fit and work with everything else. (Also, I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I'm paranoid that I'll make a mistake that will destroy my beautiful story like a house of cards.) With short stories I'm willing to let it unfold as it goes since they're easier to edit.

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    I used to think myself as a gardner when I wrote short stories, school assignments etc, but as I started to write my own novel I find myself to plan all kinds of things way before they ever become part of the story.

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    Personally, I just let the story tell itself. If I have a good idea of how the story will progress, I'll outline it until I can't think of the next event. After that, I just write according to the outline until I reach that last event. Then I just let the story tell itself. Most of the time though I just let the story do it's own thing and let it flow.

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    It's varying with me again. I did a lot of outlining for a separate project. While the other is a draft that I free wrote slowly with a plot twist. It's slowly being written.

    Not to mention I rewrote the telling parts into showing which then made the story evolve. I am wondering if I work harder and rewrite whether that main character should be a very interesting secondary character in the writing process as my story keeps evolving.
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