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    Interior ebook design needs

    Book is ready to publish, a 55k novel(la?). It's going to start out on Amazon Unlimited, and I can't afford right now to pay for interior design for a physical version, though I have some budget. I have a cover from a cover designer.
    1) What, besides the text itself, do I need to add to the file to generate the ebook?
    2) Is the Kindle tool with its default templates good enough to make a quality book, or will it look amateurish?
    3) Is it worth it to pay for interior design?

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    In my experience, most sales for a self-published book will be e-books. (This may not be true if you're planning to do a lot of hand-selling, but otherwise, I think it's generally accurate). With that in mind, and understanding that different e-readers show books differently and different readers have tweaked the settings on their e-readers to their own tastes, I think it's generally best to keep e-book formatting quite simple, to avoid glitches. So I'd say upload the Word file to KDP and move on, formatting wise.

    For a print version, there are certainly finer points that can be considered, but I personally skip them (mostly because I can't be bothered to figure them out). If you're hoping to sell a significant number of print books, it might be worth sorting through them, and I can't help you with that.

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    I have made roughly $4k in royalties and for a week in February 2015, I was among the top 10 most read authors in the Alternative History Genre for Kindle.

    Now, in this, less that $50 has come from physical book sales. Physical books just don't sell as well as ebooks when it comes to self-published authors.

    Not saying don't do it, just that I have found that the money comes from ebooks, which are simply cheaper to buy and many people simply don't have the space fof lots of physical books.


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